Trump said that the duties against China are working perfectly

ECONOMY August 4. President Donald trump believes that trade tariffs against China are working better than anyone could have imagined. A message he posted on his Twitter page on Saturday.

“Fees are much better than anyone anticipated. The Chinese market fell by 27% over the past four months, and they are negotiating with us. Our market is stronger than ever before, and will rise significantly when these horrible trade deals will be successfully renegotiated,” wrote the head of state.

The us leader added that due to the duties the United States will become “much richer”. “We use them [fees] to negotiate fair trade deals, and if States still do not want to negotiate, they will pay us huge sums of money in the form of duties”, – is spoken in the message of the White house.

The President believes that China “first weak oppose” US. He argues that the Chinese authorities “spend a fortune on advertising and public relations in an attempt to convince and scare American politicians,” so they opposed the Washington administration of customs duties. “Because they (China) do damage to its economy. It’s the same with other countries,” – said the American leader.

He said, duty “has had a huge positive impact on the U.S. steel industry” and “big money coming” in the country’s budget. He also criticized other countries that use tariffs against the United States.

American duty

Trump has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t like the trade deficit with China. June 15 this year, the President announced that, in connection with the theft by China of American intellectual property and technology, and also the fact that Beijing has resorted to unfair trade practices, the United States impose 25% duty on imported from this country goods worth $50 billion, the PRC Authorities immediately responded adequately tariffs applied to the same value of the imported American products.

After that, the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser announced the preparation of a supplementary list of Chinese goods in the amount of $200 billion for the introduction of fees in the amount of 10%, explaining this step by the fact that China does not want to change unfair trade practices. On Wednesday, the US representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser reported that President trump instructed him to consider the possibility of introducing fees in the amount of 25% instead of the previously planned 10% on imports of Chinese goods and services worth $200 billion.

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