“Y”: the Central Bank urged banks to accelerate the collection of biometric data of customers


MOSCOW, August 6. /Basereporter.com/. The Bank of Russia urged credit organizations to accelerate the collection of biometric data of customers for their use in providing remote banking services. About this newspaper “Kommersant” referring to participants in the CB meeting on this issue.

According to the publication, some of the participants, the acting head of the Department of financial technologies of Bank Ivan Zimin urged banks “to accelerate”.

The collection of biometric data of the population started in the banks in early July. However, the process is not nearly at the pace that was expected by the regulator. The performance of remote banking services on the basis of these data is carried out, says “Kommersant”.

Thus, according to Rostelecom, the biometric data present in a Single biometric system 14 banks with 121 offices in the city. It as of August 2, there are data only 1.2 million people.

Representatives of banks, the Central Bank said that to start collecting data, they are hampered by the lack of a clear list of equipment that should be used for collection of biometrics.

However, according to the Chairman of the Board SDM-Bank Maxim Solntsev, credit institutions is hampered not only technical problems, as economic. “Banks will be more willing to bear the cost for biometrics if it will attract new customers,” he told the publication. Solntsev added that the high cost of equipment and a small number of people in a Single biometric system, while doing part in the project economically feasible.

Biometric data, including an image of the face and voice, allows to uniquely identify a person. Take the primary identification, and submit biometric data at one of the authorized banks. There will take the parameters and send them in a Single biometric system. Further, if the person whose data is in the system wants to obtain the service in any Bank, it is enough to sign in and confirm your details with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with camera and microphone.

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