The “big three” operators will cancel the fee for incoming calls in national roaming


MOSCOW, August 6. / Russian phone operators “the big three” in the near future will cancel the fee for incoming calls in national roaming. This is stated in the message companies.

So, “Vympelcom” (brand “Beeline”) announced that on 20 August 2018 all incoming calls beyond the region of connection be free for the subscribers in the network “Beeline”, regardless of the tariff plan and the payments system. “Taking into account the wishes of our subscribers and listening to the opinion of FAS, we’ve finally formed the last billing from home any services on the whole territory of Russia in the network “Beeline”, – are reported words of the Executive Vice President of marketing and brand, “VimpelCom” Irina Lebedeva.

In “the Megaphone” fee for incoming calls in Russia will be abolished for the greater part of the subscribers from September 1, for the other – since the second half of September, the press service of the operator.

In turn, the representative of MTS said that the operator in the near future also abolishes payment for incoming travel in the country, without specifying a specific date.

In a press-service of Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia announced that August 8 will continue the consideration of the cases against the “big three” in-network roaming.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly service extended the terms of consideration of cases against the “big three” operators (MTS, “MegaFon” and “VimpelCom”), in cases of excessive tariffs in national roaming to 28 December 2018. According to the legislation, FAS may consider the case on on-net roaming until 28 December, but the decision may be taken earlier.


In the summer of 2017, the FAS has ordered the operators of the “big four” (“VimpelCom”, “MegaFon”, MTS and Tele2) to eliminate the difference in rates in the home region and when travelling around the country. To operators “the big three” were given a deadline until January 31, subsequently, the FAS initiated the Antimonopoly case against “MegaFon”, MTS and “VimpelCom”.

As for Tele2, at the end of 2017, the FAS found that the proposals of the operator comply with the notice and extended the expiry time for the operator until 31 may 2018. In June of this year FAS has decided to once again extend the deadline for Tele2 at the request of the company and set a new deadline of 31 August this year.

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