Medvedev: Vice-premiers will hold additional meetings on sectoral spending budget


SLIDES, 7 Aug. / Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed Deputy Prime Ministers to hold additional meetings on sectoral expenditures of the Federal budget in the framework of the preparation of this document to 2019-2021 years.

“I would like to turn to my Vice: to each according to their questions quickly need to hold additional meetings with colleagues,” – said Medvedev at a meeting on budget expenditures for housing and construction in the years 2019-2021.

The head of government noted that today’s meeting begins a series of sectoral meetings in key areas of the Federal budget spending for the next three years. “Common approaches to the formation of the budget we discussed at the Commission on budget projections, in the near future identify the amount of budget money will be allocated for the development of science, health, education and other sectors of the social sphere”, – added the Prime Minister.

In addition, according to him, it is planned to hold similar meetings “to support the most important sectors of industry, energy, transport, agriculture, construction, and in order to ensure balanced regional budgets”.

Medvedev recalled that the Finance Ministry has brought to the main managers of budgetary funds the budgetary limits, “the ministries and departments, as always happens, there are counter-proposals”.

The head of the Cabinet stressed that the purpose of this work is to reach a balanced and sustainable solutions that become the basis for a new Federal budget. They will be considered at session of the government, and then the draft budget will be submitted to the Duma. “Let me remind you that this should be done before October 1. Not much time, it must be borne in mind,” he concluded.

About priorities

“In the new budget cycle we should focus on the achievement of key national development goals contained in the may decree of the President, to provide all necessary means, of course, not forgetting the traditional fiscal policy of our present tasks on ensuring macroeconomic stability,” – said Medvedev.

He noted that among the priorities of the budget also remains the fulfillment of social obligations.

“In order to concentrate resources in these critical areas, you to output a specific result, we are preparing national projects for each of the designated control points and metrics as well as financial resources needed,” – said the head of government.

Speaking of housing and construction, Medvedev said: “in recent years we’ve been engaged in these issues, trying to make the market of construction and public services more modern and more transparent, accommodated emergency, dilapidated housing, creating the conditions for mortgage loans became more available to the largest possible number of people to help the regions with the construction of the necessary infrastructure.”

As stated by the Prime Minister, “about 5 million families to improve their living conditions every year.” He assured that the government will continue to implement plans to provide housing for certain categories of citizens, including veterans and young families.

The additional cost of subsidized housing programs

Medvedev also called for “very clearly” to justify the extra cost of subsidized housing programs within the project budget.

“We need to review how much money on these areas we can identify. Expect now to hear specific ideas on this subject. Know that the proposals have the Ministry on additional funding for some activities has its own position and the Finance Ministry. Today we will discuss that and the other, but just want to warn that the proposals for additional budget funding needs to be justified very clearly,” – said Medvedev.

The head of government urged his colleagues in the Cabinet to “realistically assess the resources that we have.” “All the activities, and hence the money that we allocated for them should be linked together into a single system”, – said Medvedev.

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