The Russian foreign Ministry disappointed with the recovery of the U.S. sanctions against Iran


MOSCOW, 7 Aug. / Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program (agreed in July 2015, Iran on one side and Germany, great Britain, China, Russia, USA and France on the other; in may 2018 Washington came out of the deal) has a sufficient margin of safety, the participants can overcome difficulties. This is stated in a statement on Tuesday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the restoration of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

“We are convinced that the AGREEMENT still has sufficient margin of safety, – the Ministry said. Parties to this agreement fully able to overcome the next challenge. Reaffirm our commitment to the AGREEMENT”.

The foreign Ministry indicated that Russia will do whatever is necessary to preserve and fully implement Iran nuclear deal. “Appropriate measures for the protection of trade-economic cooperation with Iran is taking us on the national level. Continue to work together with other responsible members of SVPD the production of collective decisions aimed at implementing the task of preserving and expanding international trade and financial cooperation with Iran posed by the foreign Ministers of States parties to the AGREEMENT in a statement following the meeting of Joint Commission 6 Jul. We believe that this work is in the interests of the entire international community”, – noted in the Russian dipvedomstva.

On Smolensk square stressed that the AGREEMENT is fully justified, which is confirmed by inspections of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA). “The Plan of action of verification and control are applied in full. This in itself reliable evidence of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program”, – stated in the foreign Ministry.

Disappointment in Washington

The Russian foreign Ministry is disappointed that Washington has taken steps to restore the restrictions. “Deeply disappointed by the steps the United States to rebuild its national sanctions against Iran. The introduction of the first package of U.S. restrictions aimed at disrupting the implementation of the AGREEMENT, which Washington withdrew unilaterally on 8 may. This is a vivid example of the continuation of Washington’s practice of violating UN security Council resolution 2231, violation of international law”, – said the Minister.

They added that Russia condemned any unilateral sanctions bypassing UN security Council decisions, especially “when they have extraterritorial application and affect the interests of third countries, as is the case with the current restrictions against Iran”.

“The international community must not allow such a significant achievement of multilateral diplomacy was sacrificed to American aspirations for political struggle with Iran, which is also on issues that are not related to SVPD – said in depodesta. – Years of experience show that, to get Iran concessions pressure methods will not work”.

The fate of the nuclear deal

In may, the President of the United States Donald trump has announced the release of the AGREEMENT and promised not only to bring back the old, but also to impose new sanctions against Iran. He assured that Washington was ready to conclude a new agreement instead of the AGREEMENT, however, the US has nominated Iran actually obviously impracticable conditions. The first part of the us sanctions were renewed on the night of August 7, these restrictive measures will cover in particular the automotive sector of Iran and the sale of gold and several metals. The remaining sanctions will come into force on 5 November.

Earlier, the leaders of Britain, Germany and France Theresa may, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron called on all parties to the transaction and continue fully to implement it. Meanwhile, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the European Union must ensure Tehran’s compliance with its interest AGREEMENT to maintain in force the agreement. While Iran confirmed the willingness not to withdraw from the AGREEMENT and continue to comply with their obligations. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the US withdrawal from the transaction a violation of UN security Council resolutions and stressed that Moscow will strive for agreement, despite Washington’s plans to renew the sanctions regime against Tehran.

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