In Vladivostok started construction of pavilions WEF

ECONOMY August 8. Construction of pavilions the nine regions of the far Eastern Federal district was developed on the island of Russian in Vladivostok, where from 9 to 11 September will be held the IV international economic forum (WEF). On the embankment of the far Eastern Federal University has appeared the outlines of the buildings, which are the main objects of the traditional exhibition-festival “Street of the Far East”.

The synthesis of the towers and the data center

The pavilion, which will present the potential of the Amur region, almost ready to place the exposure. On a plan of designers it will have two facades, decorated in diametrically opposed styles: one side with laconic rectangular data center, symbolizing the future, on the other – stylized XVII century the tower, revealing the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

According to the Ministry of economic development of the Amur region, the main part placed in the pavilion of the exposition will be devoted to the history of formation and development of cooperation between Russia and China. To demonstrate the cross-border bridge over the Amur river will be a touch-sensitive table, which will give the opportunity to see the terrain in 3D. Guests will have the opportunity to consider the option of obtaining a “far Eastern hectare” in one of the districts of the Amur region – thanks to the used technologies of virtual “visit” him, considering the infrastructure, if you want to apply for registration.

For visitors to the WEF Amur oblast has planned a range of events on artificial ice, symbolizing the Amur river, I can play hockey, and you will also be able to participate in international open water swim or race. For lovers of Chinese traditions prepared tea ceremonies and familiarity with wedding ceremonies. Those interested can send a postcard “border” anywhere in the world.

The bridge to the mainland and wireless high-speed train to Sakhalin

The dream of the people of the Far East on the bridge from Sakhalin island to the mainland will be implemented in the design project of the pavilion of the Sakhalin region. The role of the transport passage will play the construction of a pontoon type, which will connect the pavilion with an artificial island in the nearby lake. At the crossing is placed in the layout of high-speed trains.

According to the press service of the regional government, the building of the Sakhalin exhibition will be constructed in the form of two giant sea waves lapping on the shore. Inside are exhibition rooms of “Economy” and “Sport and tourism” with nine presentation areas.

In the exhibition hall “Sport and tourism”, build three thematic areas: “Children of Asia”, “Mountain air” and “travel! Sakhalin and the Kuriles”. The first zone will talk about the upcoming international children’s competitions, which the area is to take in early 2019. In the area of “Mountain air” visitors will be acquainted with the capabilities of the ski resort with the help of virtual reality glasses. In the area of “travel! Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands” will be the trainer for surfing, where visitors can learn how to “catch the wave”.

Mammoth hunt in the twenty-first century

To catch mammoths, to see the view of the most Northern in the world of the circus and taste the products of Northern berries will be in the Yakut pavilion. To distinguish it will be the unusual design of the building in the form of the head of a mammoth.

“The exposition of Yakutia will be issued in the form of the head of Yukagir mammoth. We plan to use virtual technology, in particular that the guests were able to be in the Yakutsk XVIII century. Prepare for visitors to the pavilion mobile application “Catch a mammoth” which can be downloaded via QR code,” said acting Minister for external relations and Affairs of the peoples of Yakutia Gavril Kirillin.

Visitors will be offered products from wild plants, in particular, drinks of Northern berries and herbs. “Prepared an extensive cultural program. The Director’s intention is to reveal the harsh edges of permafrost in the composition demonstrates the winter with its inhabitants and the national holiday Ysyakh” – said Kazakov. In the program presentation – sacred folk dances and live music.

Resort the spirit of Vladivostok

To the pavilion of Primorye “Sikhote-Alin” was built at the WEF last year, was attached to the additional module fitted with specific platform. On a wooden podium will house the marine thematic exhibition with a modern boat next to him to install a residential unit made of composite materials. All this will be part of the photo zone “Beach house”, designed to reflect the spirit of the seaside resort of the region.

At the site of the edge is also planned to install an eco-bar with products from factories, benches for rest, a module for presentation and sale of Souvenirs and racks of tourist information center of Primorsky Krai, where visitors can obtain information about Hiking trails, festivals and cultural events in the region.

In the area of “Sea” will feature contemporary design and technology for shipbuilding, aquaculture and fisheries. On the site blackout will create the effect of immersion on the sea bottom, on the walls, will post screens with the designs of modern ships, illuminated by layouts, set aquarium with marine aquatic animals.

After passing the zigzag tunnel in the pavilion, visitors get into the room with the exposition of future projects in the region. The main exhibit of this room will be the floor map of Primorsky Krai with the augmented reality object, which can be viewed using mobile devices.

The Potential Of The North

For the Kamchatka territory, the designers came up with a pavilion in the form of salmon eggs, symbolizing birth of a new life in the region. Will be erected “a Wall of volcanoes” – scene light up at night for performances of creative collectives, and also “Wall wave”, which will be photozone.

“In the main pavilion, with a height of 5.6 m, will set led panoramic screen, 360 degrees, due to which visitors will be able to feel the effect of presence on the Peninsula. On a separate segment of the screen will be presented the investment potential of the region: the construction of an international airport complex, tourist and recreational complex “Petropavlovsk Harbor”, a year-round ski resort, a hotel complex,” said in a press-service of the regional government.

At the site of the Chukotka Autonomous district has already started construction of two yarangas (portable dwelling of certain nomadic peoples of the North) is a traditional and its modern mobile varieties.

“In the second zone will set the runway with the main pavilion of the exhibition in the form of a cube, a stage for performances, an art object, “the 180th Meridian” and a relaxation area. Inside the main pavilion will be a large projection room, where visitors can watch videos about the culture, industry and economy, nature, wildlife, innovation, people and traditional way of life of Chukotka,” – said in the regional government.

Magadan has a heart of gold of Russia

“Heart of gold of Russia”- so the government of the Magadan region defined the main topic of the pavilion of the region at the exhibition-festival “Street of the Far East”. “It will be divided into three corps gold, silver and white colors. Colors symbolize the extraction of gold and silver. White symbolizes the snow. The total area of the pavilion of almost 100 square meters”, – told in the regional Ministry of economic development, investment policy and innovation.

The main exhibits will be the casts of two famous gold nuggets found in different years in the region – the “Golden giant”, weighing more than 16 kg, and “Mephistopheles”, is interesting for its shape resembling the profile of a devil from a philosophical drama by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust”.

In part of the pavilion dedicated to the development of tourism on the Kolyma, and establish a model of the bathyscaphe. Near the pavilion will be a variety of art objects: “heart of gold”, set into a fake rock with seagulls, installation “Artisanal fart”, which will allow guests to feel the miners, as well as “Yurt in the cut”, through which you can learn how to live indigenous peoples of the region.

Beginning of a long journey in the Jewish Autonomous region

The developers of the pavilion of the Jewish Autonomous region gave it the name “Aleph – the beginning of a long journey”. “The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet symbolizes the independence, wealth, balance with the environment. In the design will be also used quotations from sacred texts, philosophical and ethical treatises, parables, and sayings of famous figures. It is planned that it will be a real art object”, – explained in the government of the Autonomous region.

Unfolded in the pavilion of the exhibition should demonstrate the potential of the region. Central to the exhibition is the investment area. Visitors to the pavilion will get acquainted with the projects of priority development areas “Amur-Khingan”, international cooperation projects, objects of the social development plan of the centres of economic growth – by 2020 the region will build several important facilities of health and education.

Another exposition will tell about the success of the region in the implementation of the program “far Eastern hectare”. The tourism potential of the region at the forum will present the health resort “Kul’dur” and the ski base is also shown ecological routes, historical-cultural route “Jewish town”.

In part of the pavilion, dedicated to innovation, guests will see the result of using contactless technology controlled the destruction of the ice. Patented technology relevant in the development of the Northern sea route, in the areas of energy and housing and communal services.


The pavilion of the Khabarovsk territory will be decorated in the form of a mock aircraft, symbolizing the leading edge of the industry – aviation industry. Total area is 300 sq m, the area of the main premises internal exposure – 114 sq. m.

“Inner exposition of the Khabarovsk Krai is performed in the style of hi-tech, and reflects the brand in the region: high-tech industrial production and aircraft construction”, – said the press service of the Krai government.

The exhibition will present natural-resource complex, the potential of the program “far Eastern hectare,” projects for aircraft, ship and power engineering, pharmaceutical production. The presentation of the TOR sites and investment proposals will be in the format “success stories”.

A separate space will be devoted to the presentation of tourism attractions of the region, the petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan, the Shantar Islands, the nature reserve “bolshekhekhtsirsky”. Guests of the pavilion will also talk about the development of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur as an industrial and engineering centre in the Far East.

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