FAS fined the “big three” operators for violations in connection with roaming


MOSCOW, 8 Aug. /Basereporter.com/. FAS fined the “big three” operators for violations in connection with roaming, the penalty will be determined in September 2018. This was reported to journalists the Deputy head of FAS Anatoly Golomolzin.

He added that the issue of sanctions against the operators already solved in the framework of the code of administrative offences.

The head of Department of regulation of communications and information technologies of the FAS Elena zaeva said that the question of penalties will be considered under paragraph 6 of part 1 article 10 of the law “On protection of competition” (the establishment of economically unjustified tariffs).

The abolition of intranet roaming

All Russian Telecom operators in the near future will abolish intra-network roaming, said the Golomolzin.

“We achieved the abolition of roaming, and in the near future all operators will cease violations of the Antimonopoly legislation, eliminating intra-network roaming”, he said.

The Golomolzin noted that since the August 20 decision, “VimpelCom”, August 30 – “the Megaphone”. MTS intranet roaming cancel until August 30 to 90% of subscribers, and before September 30 for the remaining 10%.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister pointed out that at the moment there is no reason to increase the cost base of tariffs from operators after the removal of intranet roaming. “Just by reducing tariffs subscribers will start to consume a lot more volume of services and in this sense, the operators do not lose yield,” he explained.


In the summer of 2017 competition authority ordered the operators of the “big four” (“VimpelCom”, “MegaFon”, MTS and Tele2) to eliminate the difference in rates in the home region and when travelling around the country. To operators “the big three” were given a deadline until January 31, subsequently, the FAS initiated the Antimonopoly case against “MegaFon”, MTS and “VimpelCom”. Later, the FAS extended time cases of excessive rates during national roaming against the “big three” to 28 Dec 2018. According to the legislation, FAS may consider the case on on-net roaming until December 28.

At the end of 2017, the FAS found that the proposals of the operator Tele2 comply with the notice and extended the expiry time for the operator until 31 may 2018. In June of this year FAS has decided to once again extend the deadline for Tele2 at the request of the company until August 31.

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