In the Federation Council said that it launched against Estonia the missile would be shot down on the border of the Russian Federation


MOSCOW, 8 Aug. / Anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph” missile and gun complexes “Carapace-C1” is able to intercept and destroy accidentally running over Estonia a rocket if it crossed the Russian border. This opinion was expressed in an interview with on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Bondarev, formerly head of the aerospace forces (VKS) Russia.

On Tuesday it became known that the fighter Eurofighter Spanish air force mistakenly released in flight over Estonia missile of class “air – air” AMRAAM. The Estonian military said that the rocket was activated self-destruct sequence, but it could still fall to the ground about 40 km to the North from Tartu.

“If it [the rocket] came into our territory, the s-400 it would be seized and liquidated. Such missiles it takes. “Armor” it’ll take that too, if she is in the area of his defeat. But if it self-destructed, then it happens pretty quickly, and this time it did not have anything to catch,” – said Bondarev.

The confidence that running over Estonia, the missile could be destroyed by the Russian military was expressed by the chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko. “Everything that is happening in the airspace of neighboring Baltic countries, which are members of NATO, controlled by the Russian Federation. All flights NATO aircraft tracked, so if the launch occurred towards the borders of Russia, at the time of entry in the Russian air space, the missile would be destroyed on-duty forces and means of air defense,” – said Korotchenko

Military expert Viktor murakhovski believes that the most suitable to destroy the target this size would be complex “tor-M2” if the missile hit the range.

“By itself, the missile is not a tactical, not ballistic, and class “air – air”, it is quite a small target. For such purposes the defense systems long range do not work, this is the work complex “tor-M2”. It is specifically “locked” to work in aviation means of defeat,” said the expert.

Possible threat

In General, said Bondarev, such cases are unacceptable because they create a significant danger not only for Russia but also the European side, in particular for civil aircraft.

“If she hadn’t fell to the ground, and something in the air is captured, that could cause a trouble. Would any object to hit: a NATO aircraft, civilian aircraft,” – said the Senator.

However murakhovski believes that even if the missile after launch towards Russia, it probably would not represent a threat.

“If launch was unintentional, it should trigger a mechanism of self-destruction,” – said the expert.

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