The Russian Consul General visited Ukraine detained the ship “Mekhanik Pogodin”


MOSCOW, August 18. / Consul General of Russian Federation in Ukraine visited blocked by the Ukrainian authorities in the port of Kherson the Russian ship “Mekhanik Pogodin”, on Board there are medications and products, announced the company “V. F. Tanker” serving operator of the vessel.

“Complaints about the inaction of the competent authorities, the company sent to all authorities: border and customs services, to the administration (the captain) of the port and the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, which after the treatment of the shipowner tonight [Friday] visited the agent of the shipowner and the ship’s captain. The team feels good. And food and medicines are present on the ship in full volume”, – said in the company.

In addition, as reported by the operator of the vessel, the crew of “the Mechanic Pogodin” in the absence of legal grounds for the check not be allowed to Board the port inspection, which intended to verify the complaint about the “poor condition of the ship”.

“In the absence of legal grounds for inspection, the inspection port control on the ship was not allowed,” said the company.

Previously the company reported that at the initiative of the office of transport security service of Ukraine on 17 August the ship was planned to arrive on the port control to check the complaints of “poor condition of the vessel,” allegedly received from a member of the crew. The captain of the ship informed the port authority statements of all crew members about absence of claims to the contents of the vessel, fire safety and labour relations with the employer.

“Over the last two days it already the third attempt of persons with unconfirmed credentials to get on the ship. This proves that the concerns of the team about possible provocations and the violent seizure of the ship in the absence of legitimate grounds for the retention of the tanker groundless”, – is spoken in the company message.

It recalled that on Thursday a group of individuals who introduced themselves as SBU and border service of Ukraine, tried to get on the ship with the intention to verify, without explaining its purpose. Following an attempt to Board the ship took a group of “environmentalists” in connection with allegedly received on the hot line anonymous call. “Both groups are not presented the documents confirming the powers for inspection of the vessel and to avoid provocations on the tanker was not allowed”, – noted in “V. F. Tanker”.

Sea protest

“V. F. Tanker” also reported that the captain of the Russian vessel, filed a Marine protest of the illegal hold of the tanker in Ukraine.

“The captain of the tanker, filed a Marine protest against the unlawful detention of the vessel at berth oil terminal of the port of Kherson to address port authorities, border and customs services. As of the evening of 17 August the ship ready to leave for the third time filed an application for a departure, indicating time of departure 21:00. At the moment, the port authorities no response was forthcoming, the tanker is at the berth awaiting departure,” reads the press statement.

As explained in the company, the vessel operator sees no legal grounds for refusal to grant permission to access the vessel from the port. “We are convinced that if the port authority and the bodies of border and customs control will duly perform his duties, the ship can leave the port of Kherson in the near future. Now all forces “V. F. Tanker” is directed on solution of the situation in the legal field in strict accordance with the norms of international law and the law of Ukraine”, – added the company.

According to the company, “there are no legal grounds for the detention of the vessel, and especially to the arrest of the ship or crew does not exist.” “We hope that the Ukrainian authorities to stop the violation of the rights and interests of the Russian vessel and its crew. The final tally of damage is not yet produced. But costs at least $9 thousand per day,” said the company.

On August 10 the SBU blocked in the port of Kherson the Russian tanker “Mekhanik Pogodin”, on Board of which there is a crew of 12 people. The formal reason for the detention was the fact, explained in the secret service that the owner included in the sanctions list of Ukraine.

According to the captain of the ship, the tanker delivered diesel fuel from Turkmenistan to Ukraine on the freight contract in the interests of the canadian company Oil Marine Shipping and Chartering, Manager of cargo at the port of Kherson is Unicredit Bank Austria.

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