Ukraine, Syria and the “Nord stream – 2” were the main topics of the talks between Putin and Merkel


BERLIN, August 18. / Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held on Saturday evening, a working dinner, which discussed topical bilateral and regional issues.

In order not to limit yourself by time, leaders decided to break the tradition and go to the press after the talks, as before, and then delve into discussion.

“On camera” Putin and Merkel in General outlined the topics of conversation: Ukraine, “Nord stream – 2”, the Iranian nuclear issue, Syria.

About the need to “verification of hours” said Merkel. “I think the fact that around the world many serious conflicts, stresses the need to find solutions,” she said. “I am of the opinion that the differences can only be resolved through negotiations”, – said Merkel, calling this meeting a continuation of the dialogue, held in may in Sochi.

The Ukrainian question

Speaking to reporters before the talks, German Chancellor urged to continue to seek ways to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. “The Foundation have been and remain the Minsk agreement, although we must admit that there is still no stable truce”, she said. “I hope that by the beginning of the school year will be able to make another attempt to move forward in the breeding of forces,” – said Merkel.

“We will also discuss today the possibility of the creation of the UN mission, which could contribute to reconciliation,” – said the Chancellor, adding that “in any case, Germany is ready to contribute in the framework of the “Norman format” in this effort.

Putin said that Russia is ready to continue the search for solutions. “In the context of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, which, unfortunately, is not making any progress, I mean to emphasize the lack of an alternative implementation of the Minsk agreements, noting our interest in the work in the framework of the Normandy format and the contact group, the willingness to continue to assist the special monitoring mission of the UN.” “I hope that we will be able to still move in this direction”, – the President added.

Speaking about Ukraine, Merkel referred to the “Nord stream – 2”. In her opinion, the implementation of this project Ukraine must preserve its role of a country which transports Russian gas to Europe.

Is Putin once again assured Merkel that “the Nord stream – 2” does not close the possibility of gas transit through Ukraine. “The main thing that the Ukrainian transit, traditional, meet the economic demands were economic in every sense of the word,” – said the head of the Russian state.

In the context of the “Nord stream” neither Putin nor Merkel in a speech before the journalists did not mention the United States. Earlier, U.S. Senator John Barrasso introduced a bill to Congress on sanctions against investors in the Russian projects on energy exports. As the Senator said, the bill aims “to help NATO allies to avoid political coercion on the part of Russia”, which, according to him, uses energy resources for geopolitical purposes. Experts explain the steps the United States will “push” thus supplying the European market its liquefied natural gas, which is much more expensive.

The Iranian dossier

Another issue associated with U.S. sanctions, was the Iranian nuclear dossier. “Germany supports the preservation of the nuclear deal, but we observe with concern over the actions of Iran in the region, be it the conflict in Yemen, the program on development of ballistic missiles, the situation in Syria,” – said Merkel.

Putin also noted the need to maintain a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program. “It is extremely important to keep this approved by the UN Security Council, multilateral arrangement aimed at strengthening regional and global security and nuclear non-proliferation regime”, – he said, referring to the announced in may of this year, the US withdrawal from the AGREEMENT.

The plan agreed upon by Iran and the “six” of international mediators (Russia, UK, China, USA, France and Germany), called for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran in connection with its nuclear program in exchange for commitments by Tehran to limit its nuclear activities and bring it under international control.

The Syrian conflict

Putin and Merkel said that he will discuss the Syrian settlement. So, the Chancellor noted that the fighting in Syria has receded, but remains a complex humanitarian situation. “We must, above all, to avoid that it came to humanitarian disaster,” she said.

In the same vein, expressed the President of the Russian Federation. “It is important to increase the humanitarian component of the Syrian conflict, referring, in particular, the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, and to help those areas which can return the refugees abroad,” he said.

According to Putin, it is necessary to help restore water, sanitation and medical care. He expressed confidence that in the interest of all, including Europe.

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