Russian diplomats have urgently called for Mary Butina after her transfer to new prison


NEW YORK, August 19. / Russian diplomats have urgently called for detained U.S. citizen of the Russian Federation Maria Butina after the news of her transfer to a prison in Alexandria (Virginia). This is stated in the statement published on Saturday in the Facebook of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States.

The Embassy confirmed that a Russian citizen after a month in prison in Washington “without any warning” on Friday was transferred to a prison in Alexandria. “Russian diplomats have urgently called for our compatriot in the new prison. We will continue to seek the release of Mary,” said the Embassy.

As stated by the diplomats, the position of Butynol “continues to deteriorate”. “It is obvious that Mary is trying for more humiliation and psychological pressure to break”, – said at the Embassy.

“Stay in the Metropolitan penitentiary ended with a humiliating personal inspection with a full strip,” said the diplomats. They noted that a woman “was transported in shackles”, thus she did not explain where they’re taking her. Butinai “took all the belongings, including books, towels, shoes, hygiene items”.

“The next 12 hours she spent in a quarantine chamber without food, with the lights on and almost without sleep,” said the Embassy. In the new prison Russian “are going to be locked up in solitary confinement”.

“We expect a strong condemnation of the actions of the US authorities by human rights organizations. It is necessary to stop this lawlessness,” – reads the statement of the Embassy. It indicated that the state Department “will be sent to another move with a hard rating of unacceptable methods used by Russian citizen and a requirement of a normal, human reaction to the situation”.

The Embassy noted that Butino “even before the court decision subjected to practices that are on the verge of torture.” “It seems that the US withdrawal from the Council for human rights of the UN and was associated with the intention of us authorities to free his hands for such provocations,” – said in a statement.

Earlier on Saturday about Budinoi in the prison of Alexandria – one of the closest suburbs of Washington announced the Russians lawyer Robert Driscoll. He stressed that the US authorities did not explain to him the causes of the incident and did not notify him in advance about his intentions.

The case of the Russians

29-year-old is charged with Butynol, first, participation in the conspiracy business in favor of a foreign state on the territory of the United States. Second, us intelligence agencies claim that Butina did the same activity without being registered with the Ministry of justice agent of a foreign state. Butina was arrested in Washington on July 15 – ahead of a meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki.

At a meeting held July 18, the court hearing she was remanded in further custody. The corresponding decision was made presided over the hearing judge Deborah Robinson. Driscoll insisted on her release on parole, and the prosecution represented by Deputy attorney for the district of Columbia Eric Kenerson argued that Butino should be kept throughout the process in conclusion, as it can run from the United States.

In the United States Butina came to study. She received this spring a master’s degree in one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education Washington – American University. The Russian studied international relations.

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