Peskov: Putin and trump has not discussed the conditions for removing or alleviating sanctions


MOSCOW, August 21. / Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with reporters, said that during the summit the presidents of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump – the American leader did not raise the question of whether any action in Syria or in Ukraine, Washington expects Moscow to soften or remove sanctions against Russia.

“No, – Peskov said, answering the relevant question. – All this we did not go”.

According to a spokesperson, the Kremlin is waiting for specific proposals on cooperation in the situations in Syria and Ukraine to the trump called the condition for the cancellation of anti-Russian sanctions. “You have to understand, on what conditions [of lifting sanctions] was going on,” he said. “We certainly welcome the statements that confirm the willingness to cooperate, but even more would welcome some concrete action,” he added.

Speaking about the settlement of the crisis in Syria, he recalled that “no country in the world contributes to political and diplomatic settlement, the normalization of life and the creation of conditions for the active return of the refugees as Russia”. “So here, of course, you need to understand what was going on [in the proposal trump]”, – added the representative of the Kremlin.

With regard to the situation in Ukraine, Peskov stated that the resolution of the crisis in this country “pretty cold”. “We see the absolute unwillingness of the Kiev authorities to do something in line with the settlement, he said, adding that “it also needs to specify what is expected from the Russian Federation in terms of the Ukrainian issue,” and also “why nothing is expected from the Kiev authorities”.

A spokesman for the Russian leader also said that Moscow and Washington have discussed the issue of containment of the Iranian armed forces in Syria. “The theme of containment was not discussed”, – he said.

Earlier, some media published a statement by assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton, the TV channel ABC that Russia, like Israel and the United States supposedly stands for the curtailing of the Iranian presence in Syria.

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