Slutsky said that Russia is not going to give sanctions to the dictates of the United States


MOSCOW, August 24. / Russia will not change its course under the pressure of U.S. sanctions, told reporters on Friday, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky, commenting on the words of the adviser to the U.S. President for national security Affairs John Bolton.

Bolton said at a briefing in Kiev that the us sanctions will remain in force as long as “Russia will not change their behavior.” He also announced a new anti-Russian measures in connection with the case Skrobala.

“Russia will not change its course under the pressure of sanctions batons from overseas. Our country is a great power. We are not going to succumb to the totalitarian dictates of the United States in world Affairs”, – stressed the head of the Committee.

Statement Bolton Slutsky believes it is cynical and dead-end position. He is convinced that “the new restrictions, however, as the previous was not and there is no reason”.

However, the head of the Committee has assured that Moscow has consistently advocated the normalization of relations with Washington. “For our part we will exert all possible efforts at parliamentary level. In America, a fairly well-intentioned politicians with whom you can talk,” added Slutsky.

The head of the Committee also said that U.S. sanctions in connection with the case Skrobala put US outside the framework of international law and are a manifestation of a cynical and aggressive policies to contain Russia.

“The United States thus put themselves outside the framework of international legal norms, and such generally accepted concepts as “presumption of innocence” and “undeniable evidence”, just take the wind. It’s horrible, like a bad dream,” said Slutsky.

He noted that “the sanctions flywheel in the US is not slowing down”. “Sanctions, unfortunately, have become a major tool of establishing American hegemony. With their help, Washington is trying to keep the shaky position in the world economy and to weaken competitors. Aggressive and totally cynical policy”, – said the head of the Committee.

Is it any wonder, he continued, “what significant reason as such are no longer necessary.” “Enough of unsubstantiated allegations, as in the situation with the case Skrobala, and voila: another package of restrictions on the basis of arguments highly likely (in translation from English means “with high probability” – approx. comes into force,” – said Slutsky.

According to him, Russia need to prove the non-use of chemical weapons, although she is a member of the UN Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and has virtually destroyed its stocks. “In fact, we are told: “You prove that you not a camel”. Although ignoring international law and common sense, sorry for such a comparison, it is not our country”, – said the Deputy. He expressed confidence that the Russian response will be “timely, appropriate and adequate”

Federal register USA (collection of official documents of the American government) posted Friday in the electronic notice of application of sanctions against Russia in connection with the case Skrobala. As of the date of publication of this document in printed form, that is the time of the entry of the restrictive measures in force, stated on August 27.

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