Embassy Russia: U.S. sanctions will bring them closer to the point of no return in the solution of international problems


WASHINGTON, August 27. /Basereporter.com/. The new sanctions Washington against Moscow will bring US to the point of no return in the decision of actual international problems with Russia, in addition, these restrictive measures are ineffective and hopeless. The corresponding position is set out in a statement on Monday the media message to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

“Washington has released another set of illegitimate, unilateral sanctions against Russia. The feeling is that the local establishment experiences a painful craving for the destruction of the fundamental bases of bilateral relations that underpin global security. Decisions are made without trying to understand, while ignoring our call for dialogue in the absence of any real evidence “against Russia”. Absurd accusations against our state, printed by the American mainstream media,” stated the Embassy.

“The political elite did not seem to notice that each new attack of us sanctions “fever” brings US to the point of no return in dealing with pressing international problems – the joint fight against terrorism and the danger of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of non-state actors”, – said in comments.

It also drew attention to the fact that currently, there is a “realization of the worst scenarios of the cold war, from which the world was to forever 30 years ago.” “Instead, it appears that no one is safe from the brute pressure of Washington. To survive can not do everything. Russia can,” said the Embassy.

“Unfriendly sanction the steps of Washington is not acceptable. Any effect on our determination to follow in international relations self-aware they will have. The American public should know that sanctions against Russia futile and hopeless. They do not serve the interests of neither the Russian nor the American peoples,” – said the Embassy”, – concluded the diplomatic mission.

New sanctions

The U.S. administration on Monday imposed new sanctions against Russia because of the attributed to her involvement in the poisoning March 4, ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury. In the state Department are convinced that thus Russia had violated American Law on the control of chemical and biological weapons and prohibiting its military use from 1991. Under the first part of the sanctions is subject to a ban on the supply to Russia of dual-use goods exports to Russia all sensitive goods and technologies related to the national security of the US, and also supply the electronics, components and technology from the oil and gas industry.

At the same time, Washington intends to make a number of exceptions from the regime of new sanctions that will affect the delivery of humanitarian assistance, activities involving space flight, as well as the safety of commercial passenger aviation.

In addition, the law provides for and threat of use of about three months much more serious sanctions. The second part of the restrictions provides for the lowering of the level of bilateral diplomatic relations or even the suspension, in fact the complete prohibition of any exports to Russia of American products with the exception of food, and imports United States Russian goods, including oil and oil products, denial of landing rights to U.S. aircraft for any airline, which is controlled by the Russian government, blocking Washington loans Moscow by international financial organizations.

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