Putin has suggested to raise the retirement age for women to 60 years for men to 65 years old


MOSCOW, August 29. /Basereporter.com/. Russian President Vladimir Putin proposes to raise the retirement age for women to 60 years, not to 63 years for men to 65 years. He stated in a televised address.

He reminded that the draft law on changing the pension system it is proposed to increase the retirement age for women for eight years, and for men five. “That will not do, of course. This is wrong,” – said Putin, noting that Russia’s attitude to women “special, caring”.

“We understand that they are not only working on the primary place of employment, they, as a rule, the whole house, taking care of family, raising children, care of grandchildren,” added the President.

According to him, women’s age of retirement should not rise by more than for men. In this regard, the head of state considers necessary to reduce the increase in the retirement age for women from eight to five years.

The President has also proposed reducing the length of service giving the right to early retirement, for three years. Currently, according to the bill, such experience is 45 years for men and 40 years for women. Vladimir Putin offered to reduce it for men to 42 years and for women up to 37 years.

“Those who started early to work should be able to retire not only in age but also taking into account the earned experience,” he said.

Raising the retirement age will not affect employees of hazardous industries, said Putin. Thus, provided conservation benefits for miners, employees of chemical plants, hot plants, Chernobyl and some other categories. “I believe that we need to maintain the current terms of appointment of pensions for the indigenous peoples of the North,” he added.

“We must support the residents of the village,” – said the head of state. He recalled that not once discussed “and even accepted the decision” about the need for a 25% premium to the fixed payment to insurance pension to pensioners living in the village who have not less than 30 years of experience in agriculture, but “the entry of this decision into force has been postponed”. Vladimir Putin proposed to begin such payments from January 1, 2019.

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