CEC is ready to hold a possible referendum on pension age


MOSCOW, August 29. /Basereporter.com/. The CEC of Russia prepared for the possible holding of a nationwide referendum on the issue of raising the retirement age. This was stated on Wednesday, CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

“We, whatever the circumstances, seriously prepared for the referendum, if it happens,” she said.

The CEC head said that the Agency has calculated and the possible financial cost of a referendum. “If the referendum takes place, we are ready in all aspects, including financial, [know] that we do, any amendments to the budget to make,” – said Pamfilova.

According to the law for the organization of a referendum, the initiators must register the group with the same question at least 43 regions. In this case, two groups with similar issues within the region was to be.

Currently there are five approved by the Central election Commission of the issues they are devoted to raising the retirement age. The questions initiated by the Communist party, the candidate in mayors of Moscow from “just Russia” Ilya Sviridov, all-Russia Association of public organizations that work with large families, the head of the Museum of temperance in the Nizhny Novgorod region and a blogger and entrepreneur from the Vologda region. None of the groups has not yet registered the required number of subgroups in the regions.

Total was 58, Pamfilova said, adding that the possible initiators of the will can unite around a single issue.

“We still have a chance. If you want to hold a referendum, there are five questions that we have approved,” she said at the Commission meeting, and advised to choose one of them. “All real living group, if you agree among themselves, the initiators of the referendum, you still have time to re-register under one question,” affirmed the head of the CEC.

According to Pamfilova, “there is still time to in 43 regions to recruit the necessary number of these groups”. “If you need any recommendation, explanation we are ready to do,” she promised.

Differences of initiative groups

CEC Chairman expressed bewilderment in connection with the accusations, including spoilerthe on the part of members of the initiative groups on the possible holding of a nationwide referendum on the subject of raising the retirement age.

“All three [of the initiative] groups [of Moscow, the Moscow region and Altai territory] was equal conditions,” she said on Wednesday at a meeting of the CEC. “Colleagues, do not waste your time, if you do not are evil and want to hold a referendum”, – said the CEC head reminded that the Commission “as kindly as possible, applies to all, and helped with recommendations.”

According to Pamfilova, “the easiest of all to blame, all spoilers, all unfit some people”. She assured that the CEC have no relationship to these groups. “The group is different, people are different, citizens have the right to go. % Increases to accuse everyone that “we are white and fluffy, and the rest are all spoilers” – I think this is not quite correct, especially with neglect to say, “is there some kind of worker,” – said the CEC Chairman.

“It’s your class partner, why are you with such disdain? – it asked a question. – Say it again: we don’t appreciate these groups, we do not know them, for us it was a surprise that it happens this activity, and if they did it, as entitled by law, we are under the law, we all have different opportunities.”

The proposal of the government

The state Duma on July 19 adopted in first reading the government draft law on changes in the pension system, involving, in particular, increasing the age of retirement for a long transition period to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. The large-scale discussion of the initiative continues, the proposals for revision of the draft law will be collected and recorded in the form of amendments to the second reading, which will take place in the fall. The deadline for submitting amendments is extended from August 18 to September 24.

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