Lavrov in conversation with Pompeo emphasized the need to liberate Butinai


MOSCOW, July 21. / The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo stressed the need for the speedy release from custody of the arrested in USA Russian women’s Butinai. This is stated in the message on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry published at the end of the conversation held on the initiative of the United States.

“Lavrov stressed the inadmissibility of actions of the American authorities, arrested in the US on the basis of fabricated charges Russian citizen Butino, and the need for its early release,” – said the Ministry.

Butina was arrested in Washington on July 15. She is charged with participating in a conspiracy with the purpose of acting in favor of a foreign state on the territory of the United States. American intelligence agencies claim that Butina did the same activity without being registered at the Ministry of justice, the U.S. agent of a foreign state.

The Russian Ambassador in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, on 20 July called farce of the situation with the detention in the United States Butynol, saying that the Russian side will achieve her release.

As reported, the Russian foreign Ministry, Lavrov and Pompeo discussed, in particular, the prospects of normalization of relations between the two countries.

“In the development of Russian-U.S. summit in Helsinki on 16 July the foreign Ministers exchanged views on the prospects of further development of relations between our countries with the aim to improve them on an equal and mutually beneficial basis,” – stressed in dipvedomstva.

16 July in the Helsinki talks of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. It was the first full-format Russian-American summit since the election trump President of the United States in 2016. Prior to that, contacts between the two leaders was held on the sidelines of multilateral meetings. The presidents discussed issues of bilateral and international relations, and by the end both leaders noted that made a big step forward.

Syria and the DPRK

Also, the Russian foreign Minister in a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state discussed cooperation in solving humanitarian problems in Syria and support for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“The Minister and the Secretary of state discussed the situation in and around Syria, including the possible cooperation between Russia and the United States together with other countries to solve humanitarian problems in Syria and the tasks related to the support of efforts to promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

July 19, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva Gennady Gatilov said that the meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump played an important role to promote the Syrian settlement. Pompeo according to the results of a closed-door meeting with representatives of the UN Security Council on Friday also told reporters that the presidents of Russia and the United States actively discussed the problem of Syrian refugees and noted that the United States wants to be part of the implementation of resolution 2254 on the Syrian settlement.

In December 2017 the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the next tightening sanctions against the DPRK. The document introduced new restrictions on the supply of crude oil and refined petroleum products, and demanded all the countries to send labour migrants to the DPRK within 24 months. The resolution provides for restrictions on supply in the DPRK industrial equipment, heavy equipment and vehicles and procurement of main export goods from the Republic. In 2017, the security Council three times increased the regime of restrictions against Pyongyang in response to tests of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

The US President Donald trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN on June 12 held a meeting in Singapore. Following the talks, the sides signed a joint document pledging to implement it “in full and without delay”. According to the final statement that trump has demonstrated, North Korea has made commitments on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for security guarantees from the United States.

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