Russia recalled the need for the adoption of the OSCE Charter


VIENNA, July 20. / The question of the legal status of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) should immediately be resolved through the adoption of its Charter. This was stated by the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the OSCE Mr. Dmitry Balakin to the OSCE permanent Council in Vienna on the occasion of the presentation of the Slovakia’s priorities for its presidency in 2019.

“Certainly, the OSCE has to adapt. Immediate solution requires the question of the legal status of the organization, which can be solved only through the speedy elaboration and adoption of its founding document (Charter)”, – reads the statement Balakina, which on Friday issued a permanent mission to the OSCE.

According to him, need to fix the thematic and geographical imbalances of OSCE activities and closer to establishing common rules of the Executive agencies. “It is important, finally, to achieve efficient use of the original purpose of the OSCE is to prevent and resolve crisis situations. It is in this area of the future presidency will require painstaking and honest effort for equal accounting of positions on all sides of the conflict, the support of the established negotiation formats,” added zampolpreda of the Russian Federation.

The Russian side regularly draws attention to the imbalances in the OSCE’s work and its thematic and geographical imbalance. Moscow continues to advocate for the reform of the organization, which should include the development of the Charter, the establishment of order in the work of its missions and institutions, the activities of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights election observation, the participation of NGOs in OSCE events, as well as off-budget project activities, noted in the foreign Ministry.

As previously said in an interview Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich, “the requirement to bring the regulatory legal basis for the activities of the OSCE is not only the Russian initiative, but the General understanding, which, unfortunately, in 1994, resulted in the specific decision of the Budapest summit, proclaimed the renaming of the organization (conference on security and cooperation in Europe – approx. in the OSCE”.

Balakin also noted that the OSCE should be used for expansion of contacts between the EU and the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). “It is useful to involve the OSCE for expanding contacts between leading integration associations in the area of its responsibility, namely between the EU and the Eurasian economic Union,” – said in a statement Balakina.

Deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation also noted that issues of energy cooperation, interrelationship, good governance, including in the environmental field, long on the agenda of the OSCE. “Has the experience and successful practices. If you’re able to avoid politicization of the discussion, being drawn into discussion of matters of practical importance and solved in the format of bilateral relations, we can focus on the really big task of building a common economic space from Vancouver to Vladivostok,” – said the diplomat.

Enhancing the role of the OSCE in anti-drug fight

Moscow offers Bratislava to raise the profile of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to combat drug trafficking, also said Balakin.

“The proposed future of the Slovak presidency to raise the profile of the OSCE to combat drug trafficking. According to the UN, illicit production and trafficking of drugs in recent years hit new sad records, which negatively affects security in the world and in the area of responsibility of the OSCE, in particular. The organization has the necessary tools and capacity to effectively confront this threat,” – said in a statement Balakina. According to him, “Russia is ready for constructive cooperation with friendly Slovakia”. “Ready to help in the successful chairmanship of the OSCE,” – said Balakin.

In 2018 Slovakia, along with Austria and Italy among the three co-chairs of the OSCE in 2019, will take over the presidency from Italy.

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