The Ministry of transport: construction of the railway part of the Crimean bridge, left on peak power


MOSCOW, July 25. / The construction of the railway part of the Crimean bridge is situated on the peak power, the press service of the Ministry of transport on the results of the inspection trip of the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich in the Crimea and Taman.

“Now the construction of the railway part of the bridge is at its peak: 293 train ready support of the 307 project, collected 105 thousand tons from 160 thousand tons of metal stairs”, – stated in the message of Ministry of transport. It is assumed that the bridge part will be fully implemented by the end of next spring, the superstructure – by the end of summer 2019, and then begin the improvement of the railway and preparing for the beginning of the movement of trains.

“We hope that next autumn the construction readiness of objects is close to 100%, which will allow the “Crimean railway” to come to grips with preparing to run trains as scheduled charts in December 2019,” – are reported words of Dietrich.

According to the transport Ministry, on the Taman Peninsula are ready more than 80% of the permanent way of the railway, which will connect the Crimean bridge the country’s transport system through the station Vyshesteblievskaya. The degree of readiness of structures, including bridges and overpasses, from 60% to 100%. Until the end of the year, this new railway line on the Taman Peninsula will ensure the movement of commercial trains for the construction of the railway part of the Crimean bridge and the production goals of the Taman port. In 2019 it is planned commissioning of the facility is a temporary operation and starting the working of trains.

In addition, from the Crimea to the railroad leading to the bridge double-track the road length of 18 km, which will connect the bridge with the main railway network in the South by December 2019. The branch includes 27 man-made structures, including bridge and 5 bridges. The willingness of the major objects of the project – 15% to 90%.

Record automobile traffic

From may 16 to Crimea and back over the bridge we passed already more than 1.2 million vehicles. Since the beginning of July, the intensity increased almost 45% in comparison with June and an average of more than 23 thousand vehicles daily in both directions. This traffic went to the first place on the road Simferopol – Kerch, where now there is a new alignment “Tavrida”. According to the transport Ministry, for objective reasons, the complete elimination of congestion on the Crimean roads can only be expected after the holiday season 2018.

Currently the overall readiness of the “Tavrida” is 35%, according to the Ministry of transport. In December 2018 it is expected the opening of the Tavrida 2-lane design, which will reduce the load on the route Simferopol – Kerch. In 2020, the traffic will be opened across the highway from Kerch to Sevastopol 4-lane design.

Crimean roads will lead to the standard

As added in the Ministry of transport, in General, long-term perspective of development of the Crimean roads calculated to 2024. So, in 2024, the standards will be given to 83.6% of the length of regional roads (22% in 2018), 50% inter-municipal roads (at 20% in 2018), 30% local roads (subject to 18% in 2018). In addition, a 3.5-fold reduced mortality from road accidents.

Also in 2019-2020 in the network of Federal roads will be transferred to the Crimean routes with a total length of about 1200 km at the same time in the network of regional roads will move about 2,000 km of local roads.

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