The Embassy of the Russian Federation: the prosecution’s Butinai wants to restrict access to the details of the case


WASHINGTON, July 26. / The prosecution in the case was arrested in the us capital, the Russians Maria Butunoi seeks to limit public access to details of the trial. This is stated in the media Advisory, which was published in Facebook on Wednesday, the Russian Embassy in the United States.

“It is surprising the position of the prosecution that aggressively seeks to classify the case, thus seeking to limit public access to details of the ongoing proceedings. Similar tactics, as we can see, using the British intelligence services in Skrobala,” – said in a statement.

The Russian Embassy also said that there is no evidence that Butina led in the USA illegal activity. “Against the background of obviously baseless accusations and the absence of any facts, the real evidence of her illegal activities, the mainstream has already begun against our compatriots a smear campaign. The more important manifestation of Russian society of solidarity with Maria,” – said in a statement.

It emphasizes that, on 25 July, “employees of the Russian Embassy in Washington called for the trial of the case” Butinai. “Drew attention to the calm and confident behavior of our citizen”, – said the Russian Embassy.

Diplomats have said that the next hearing will take place on September 10 and Thursday, July 26, they will visit a woman in prison. “We will continue to provide consular assistance and moral support”, – concluded at the Embassy.

A warning for dealing with the press

The Deputy Prosecutor for the Metropolitan district of Columbia Thomas Saunders complained on Wednesday that the lawyer of the Russians Robert Neil Driscoll talked several times in recent days with the press. The accusation was made to the court forbade counsel from such interaction.

Saunders expressed the view that the protection of violated local law as a result of such communication. Driscoll said he was trying only “to repel the wrong lighting cases nationwide” in the United States. Case Butynol in the United States swept the “negative tsunami” that is “already condemned” the Russian warned the defender.

Judge Tanya Chutkan listened to the defense and the prosecution, but in the end, actually sided with Saunders, telling Driscoll that the court may prohibit counsel further communication with journalists.

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