The Central Bank has allowed insurers not to sell e-insurance intermediaries


MOSCOW, July 26. / The insurance company has the right to refuse the sale of electronic insurance policy, if the application is submitted by a person who is not the owner of the car or not allowed to drive the vehicle, to the letter, published on the website of the CBR.

This explanation of the Central Bank gave in connection with unfair practices when an insurance policy prepares the facilitator, not the owner, while understating the insurance premium.

“With this purchase, a mediator enters in the website of the insurer inaccurate information for a substantial understatement of insurance premiums, for example, indicates that the insured vehicle is a motorcycle. After receipt from the insurer of the policy is unfair, the mediator changes it by means of usual graphic editor and sells the car owner for real the amount of insurance premium”, – stated in the message.

Such a policy may be declared invalid, warns the Central Bank, as the insurer has not received premium, the appropriate rates. “In the event of an accident to the purchaser of such a policy will have to bear responsibility”, – stressed the regulator.

The presence of a property interest in insurance – an essential feature of the insured, and if mediation scheme the policyholder is the person who has no insurable interest, explained in the letter.

The insurers asked the Central Bank about such explanations for anti-fraud, said earlier participants of the market. By law, the contract of insurance is the public insurer has no right to deny the owner his opinion. The participation of intermediaries in the sale of electronic policies is also prohibited by law.

According to the Russian Union of motor insurers, in the beginning of 2018, the share of electronic insurance policies in the total number of policies has reached 40%.

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