Visa centers in Russia may close due to the introduction of accreditation


MOSCOW, July 26. / The introduction of compulsory accreditation could lead to the closure of visa application centres (VAC) in Russia, because none of the existing operators of the VTS does not meet the criteria listed in the bill. This was announced press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

The proposal for mandatory accreditation in the foreign Ministry of all the companies specialized in providing the citizens of intermediary services in obtaining visas, were submitted to the state Duma a few days earlier by senators Oleg Morozov and Konstantin Kosachev.

According to Tyurina, the bill on mandatory accreditation of managers of VTS on the territory of the Russian Federation, “can turn to the tourist industry and tourists highly unpleasant consequences.” She noted that the adoption of the document will lead to the fact that “all foreign diplomatic missions will either have to change service providers, or to suspend the activities of visa centers”.

Tyurina said that currently in Russia there are six companies that control the visa service centers: Vizavi, OOO (brand GVCW – SVC, Greece), “BLS international services” (brand BLS – Spain, India), LTD. “Wief servises” (brand VFS Global), LLC “Visa Management Service” (brand VMS – Italy), JSC “Freight link” (Pony Express brand) and OOO “Tischtuch (Ru)” (TLS UK, Switzerland, Belgium).

Information about each of them is contained in the state register of legal entities and published in open sources. According to this information, none of the companies will not offer accreditation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs at least one item. We are talking about the share of foreign participation in the Charter capital, said Tyurin.

What do the companies

The representative of the PCT said: if the law (on amendments to the FZ-114 “On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation”) is adopted, these companies will have to change the ownership structure, introducing the major beneficiary of Russians, legal entities or individuals. This, in turn, is unlikely to appeal to foreign consulates, she added.

Embassy, visa choosing intermediaries on spertendorf, as a rule, the preference for international rather than local companies. This is due to the fact that diplomats are important aspect of global presence of the brand, as contracts usually provides for the right of management of VTS in several countries or even worldwide. In addition, the foreign origin of the company-facilitator of the Embassy perceive as extra “insurance” against corruption, she said.

Strict requirements of the law

Tyurina added that a careful examination of the bill it becomes clear that to meet all the requirements can not no Russian firm. As a temporary solution, she said, the company is the holder of the contract with the Embassy could give one subcontractor – Russian legal entities – operational management of SVTs, including the collection of personal data of applicants. Under the new requirements, that entity will in a short time is to open 20 branches in different cities. Also a legal entity should obtain the necessary certificates of conformity to the law on personal data that “science fiction”.

Thus, the proposed amendments, if adopted, will put into a stalemate not only service providers, VTS, and foreign diplomats. The representative of the PCT noted that embassies and consulates would be closed visa centers in Russia than to find contractors that meet the new requirements of the law.

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