Ministry of labour: employment records remain in paper form until 2027


MOSCOW, July 27. / The transition period for the introduction of electronic work books will end January 1, 2027, up to this point, employers will be required to maintain documents in paper form.

This was announced Friday in a press-service of the Ministry reported with reference to Deputy Minister of Love Elizovo.

“We have provided a smooth transition for the introduction of electronic work books: for employers is that the obligation of maintaining and storing paper work record before January 1, 2027. After this date, the employer did not keep the paper work book”, – said elcova.

In a press-service of the Ministry added that the bill on the transition from paper work to electronic books, the Deputy head of the Ministry of labor presented at the meeting of the working group of the Russian trilateral Commission for regulating social-labour relations and the working group the project is generally supported.

According to Eltsova, it is assumed that the electronic work book will be a database on labour activity of the citizen which is formed by an employer of information in electronic form to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

“Starting from 1 January 2020 all employers will send data to the FIU online”, – said the Deputy Minister. She added that the paper and electronic employment history remain the basic documents on employment and have equal legal force.

“We expect that with the gradual implementation of the electronic employment record employers can reduce the costs for purchase, maintenance and storage of paper work books. For example, in 2020, the benefit from the fact that it is not necessary to acquire employment record, may amount to 0.7 billion rubles,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of labour, Recalling that the introduction of the bill in the state Duma is planned in February 2019.

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