Superheavy aircraft to replace “Ruslan” can create in Russia until 2027


MOSCOW, July 30. / Work on the creation of super-heavy aircraft to replace the An-124 “Ruslan” has been included in the state Program of armaments (GPV) for the period up to 2027. This was reported to journalists Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

“Research work on it is in the plan at the end of the LG,” said Borisov, answering the question.

Russia may resume production of super-heavy aircraft An-124 “Ruslan”. They will be “digitized”, they will establish a new PD-35, added Borisov.

“The resumption of production An-124 will be associated with the capabilities of the PD-35, which are made in the United engine Corporation (UEC). But nothing new will be, just shoo, and digitize An-124 with new engines,” he said.

He also said that the An-124 can operate to 2050 if, in particular, to modernize the cockpit, to change the avionics and solve the problem with the engine D-18.

He said that the An-124 is 80% produced in Russia. The engines D-18 for this aircraft was manufactured in Ukraine. In this regard, according to Borisov, it is necessary to solve the problem of import substitution of engines.

The plane “Ruslan”

An-124 “Ruslan” – the Soviet and later Ukrainian long-range heavy transport turbojet aircraft. Maximum lifting capacity is 120 tons, the maximum speed is 865 km/h range with full load – 4.8 thousand km. According to open sources, armed with videoconferencing there are nine planes An-124, 10 freighters operated by the airline “Volga-Dnepr”.

In September 2015, the state concern “Antonov” came from Ukrainian-Russian joint venture “UAC-Antonov”, created for the company “Volga-Dnepr” serious difficulties with the extension of the resource and ensuring the life cycle of the aircraft. Earlier it was reported that the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar-SP” started preliminary work related to the resumption of production of aircraft An-124 in Russia.

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