Parents and novice drivers: how to get a discount on a new car


The government has extended the program of preferential car loans in Russia in 2018 to 2020. It will allow this year to implement 45,1 thousand cars, authorities expect.

Existing programs are called the “First car” and “Family car”. Within each of them it is possible to buy a new car with a discount of 10% or 25% depending on the region. Besides, the discounts can be used in conjunction with other measures support buyers. explains who can apply for state support and which machines can be bought at discounted prices.

Who can become a member of the new government programs?

The answer to this question is “encrypted” in the name of the programs themselves. The “family” discount is entitled to mother or father more than two children — it is enough to present a birth certificate.

A participant of the program “First car” could be anyone who has not previously made by the borrower under the loan didn’t register on the machine. The age is not important — the first car can buy and retired.

Discount state-subsidized program will be 10% of the price of the dealership. But for the residents of the far Eastern Federal district increased it to 25% of the value of the car.

As of may 14, 2018 in Russia were sold about 47 thousand cars under the program “Family car” and 39 thousand in the framework of the program “First car”.

Just a program to allocate 15 billion rubles.

What cars can you buy these programs?

Three conditions: the vehicle must be new, assembled in Russia and cost no more than 1.5 million rubles.

This is not a complete list of vehicles that can be purchased at a new programs with public subsidies:

  • all models Lada and UAZ,
  • Nissan Terrano, Almera, X-Trail, Qashqai, Sentra, Tiida,
  • Volkswagen Polo and Jetta
  • Toyota Camry and RAV4
  • Hyundai, Elantra, i40, Tucson,
  • all Kia models sold in Russia, except for the Sorento and Quoris,
  • all Ford models sold in Russia, except for Explorer
  • Scoda Octavia and Rapid
  • Mazda 6, CX-5.

Summarized these discounts with other offers?

Yes. Russia continues to operate the program of subsidizing of auto loans for new cars of domestic production. The state pays for the buyer of 6.7% on the interest rate of the Bank. For example, if the credit institution gives the loan on 17,7%, while the motorist pays only 11%, the rest of the money given by the state.

Terms of new programs and old can be applied simultaneously. Look at the examples.

What are the benefits from the use of “family” discounts and subsidized rate on the loan?

For example, in the family of the driver of Ivanov’s two children. He wants to buy the Lada Vesta, which costs 580 thousand rubles in a loan to three years. He went to the Bank, and he offered to give a credit at the rate of 17.85%.

Without participation in any programs the person would have to pay monthly almost 21 thousand rubles, and in the end the car would have cost him 756 thousand rubles.

However, according to the program “Family car” price reduced to 522 thousand rubles, and subsidizing credit reduces the interest on the loan to 11.15%.

In the end, Ivanov will pay a total of 17 thousand rubles, and the total cost of the new car will be is 616.7 thousand. A saving of almost 140 thousand rubles.

What are the benefits when buying your first car?

Citizen Petrov just got my license and planning to buy a Ford Focus over 669 thousand rubles. He plans to take a loan with a base rate of 17.85% per annum.

No programmes male monthly pay 24,1 thousand rubles, and the real cost of his machine would be $ 869 thousand.

Get a discount on the program “First car” and using the subsidized rate, Petrov will be on a monthly basis to pay for the car 19,8 thousand rubles, and in total will spend 711 thousand. Benefit — 158 thousand rubles.

How else can you save?

Participation in government programs can eliminate the overpayment on the loan in case you have the ability to pay the initial fee.

For example, once you have permission, you have decided to purchase a new Hyundai Solaris over 625 thousand roubles and can pay for 120 thousand rubles, and the remaining amount take a loan for three years.

With the discount and subsidy rates, the loan payment will amount to 14.5 thousand per month. In three years you will pay 522 million rubles. With respect to the first contribution the car will cost you in 642 thousand. That is, even taking the credit, you paid a total of 17 thousand roubles from initial cost of the car.

Once the participants of both programs can save to pay tax on income of natural persons (personal income tax) with the benefits, said the Ministry. If the benefit for participants is 10% of the value of the car, and pit — 13%, when buying a car worth, for example, about 600 thousand rubles, the benefit will be 7.8 thousand rubles.

Sergei Kruglov, Maria Selivanova

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