Russia won in the WTO’s dispute with Ukraine about the cars

ECONOMY, July 30. Kiev has failed to prove the Moscow of the systematic obstacles for import of products of Ukrainian origin, and most of the key claims, the arbitrators did not support Ukraine.

The world trade organization (WTO) published Monday on its website the report of the arbitration panel that considered dispute between Ukraine and Russia on railway equipment. In 2015 year, Ukraine has complained to the WTO the decision by the Russian competent authorities who, in its opinion, “to obstruct the course of import into the Russian Federation of Ukrainian railway equipment”.

“The outcome of the trial can be regarded as a victory for the Russian side in this dispute, said permanent representative of Russia to the WTO Gennady Ovechko.

In particular, the report States that Ukraine failed to prove the violation of Russia’s “systematic obstruction of imports”, as well as violation of several WTO provisions claimed by Kiev. However, according to some claims, the arbitrators have recognized the validity of the claims of Ukraine.

“Of the 17 grounds on which Ukraine initiated the debate in 2015 – twelve arguments were considered unproven, illegal and inconsistent with WTO law,” said the permanent representative of Russia to the WTO.

According to the Ukrainian side, Russia has reduced the import of Ukrainian carriages and turnouts for seven months in 2015 to $51 million from $1.7 billion in 2013. Restrictions affected Kryukovsky car-building plant, Dnepropetrovsk plant of turnouts and other enterprises.

Review of Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

In turn, the Russian Ministry of economic development said that satisfied with the decision of the arbitration panel of the WTO.

“It [the decision] is quite rightly reflects the real situation. According to the results of Russia’s decision will not have to change the fundamental approach to work of certification”, – stated in the message the MAYOR.

“However, the panel pointed to the fact that the Russian authorities are not fully informed Ukrainian suppliers of railway products about the reasons for denial of certification of their products,” – said the Ministry.

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