Putin proposed to discuss the construction of the subway in Krasnoyarsk with the government


MOSCOW, July 30. /Basereporter.com/. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with acting Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has proposed to return to the discussion of the construction of the subway in Krasnoyarsk together with the government and the Ministry of Finance not to give “the subject to die.”

“Let about it will think about it. This topic should not die. Let’s get back to it. Come, we’ll talk with the government, the Ministry of Finance, with all colleagues who are involved in spatial development, about which you spoke, what I said in the message. There is a lot to talk about. There funds are, of course, the whole country, but are allocated for the whole country not theoretically, but in relation to some regions. Let’s definitely come back to this,” he said, commenting on the words of the acting Governor about the lack of funds for the project.

Speaking about the construction of the subway USS said that “given that the theme of far-reaching, of course, it just goes away”. “I fear that it may go nowhere, he said. – I am aware that in fact, 65 billion is a serious sum”. He offered alternative solutions to the issue.

“I think we could approach, maybe a different approach – a comprehensive solution for high-speed public transport (train, somewhere there is a new high-speed tram), so it was not a homework assignment purely in Krasnoyarsk region”, – said the acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region.

USS also touched upon the urban environment as a whole. According to him, this topic is complicated, complex. “In accordance with your instructions, we have prepared a comprehensive plan, – he reported. But given that national priorities were still 11 cities (along with Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk), the date of signing of these documents away in September. Although, frankly, we would like to have an exclusive, since we were the first, with all the ensuing consequences.”

According to the acting Governor, “the amount of funds that you want to use for this are quite high,” nevertheless “by the Ministry of Finance, as usual, occur appropriate adjustments”.

The head of the region assured that the promises made to people on the improvement of the urban environment must be implemented. In his opinion, because of this, “Krasnoyarsk could in five years become a completely different city.”

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