The audit chamber wants to check the statements of the “undecideds” who have lost income when you change the PFR to NPF


MOSCOW, July 31. / The chamber considers it necessary to carry out additional checks 189,6 thousand applications of citizens, which in 2015 have applied for the early transfer of pension savings from the PFR to non-state pension funds and lost investment income on their savings of $ 258,5 million. This is stated in the report of the accounting chamber on the audit of the activities of a number of NPF and PFR in the years 2014-2017.

In 2015, were not a campaign to explain to citizens that the change of the insurer more often than every five years, the insured loses the investment income on pension savings, according to the materials of the joint venture.

“As established during the control activities, in 2015, the insured persons from among the “silent ones” was applied to early transition, which led to the loss of their income from investments for the year 2015 (for the insured persons for which FIU has become the insurer in the period from 2012 to 2015). Outreach to explain the substantive rights of the insured persons in applying for early transfer of the FIU was not organized”, – stated in the report of the accounting chamber.

The total number of “undecideds”, who transferred from FIU in the NPF amounted to 3,575 million, they transferred to 227,6 billion rubles, to be confirmed in the SP.

“In connection with change of the insurer in case of early transition of the investment income lost 189,56 thousand insured persons (5.3% of the total number of “undecideds”, who transferred from FIU in the NPF) in the amount of 258,5 million rubles,” – indicates the chamber. According to authorities, their statements need to be “extra checks the legality of the exemption of investment income and in measures of legal regulation.”

As recalled by SP, the option of pension provision, providing direction to the financing of funded pension, 6% of the individual tariff of the insurance premium, installed for persons 1967 year of birth and younger, which until 31 December 2015 entered into a contract of compulsory pension insurance and made a statement about the transition in the Fund or choice of investment portfolio management company. The supply to them of statements on early transition to the pension Fund (NPF) act were not provided.

“This procedure of realization of rights of insured persons, which in the absence of awareness-raising campaigns about the entitlements until 31 December 2015 was to make your own choice of pension provision in conjunction with the simultaneous realization of the rights of insured persons on early transition from one insurer to another and the lack of them in the legislation of any features that led to violations of their financial rights in the form of loss of investment income in 2015,” says the SP.

Informing about the loss of investment income

In General, the results of transition campaign of 2015-2017 for early transition from PFR in NPF and between non-state funds the citizens have lost over 82 billion of investment income, reported previously in the chamber.

30 July 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing obligatory informing of citizens through the FIU or the state services portal of the loss of investment income in case of early transfer of savings.

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