What kind of baggage the passenger can take to the cabin


The transport Ministry has proposed the withdrawal of handbags, backpacks, briefcases and some other items from under the concept of hand Luggage. Thus, their carriage will remain free, but now these things can be not to weigh during landing. In the cabin, you will still take an additional 5 kg hand Luggage.

Order of Ministry of transport, in which the rules of air transportation of passengers and baggage, came into force on 5 November 2017.

The document stated the free baggage allowance hand Luggage for non-refundable tickets and a list of items that people can carry on Board the plane at no extra charge.

What is the minimum weight of hand Luggage which passengers can take with you to the salon?

Now each passenger can carry in cabin baggage weighing up to 5 kg. This limit can be increased by the carrier, if he wants to gain a competitive advantage over other airlines.

Take 5 kg in the cabin you when buying tickets on any fare: non-refundable and babagana; irrevocable, but with the included Luggage, return Luggage.

And weight of baggage included in the fare, and now will determine airline?

Yes. The Ministry of transportation establishes minimum baggage allowance — 10 kg Is the minimum weight of baggage that is provided to passengers who bought tickets at the rate of “baggage”. The carrier is entitled to raise the limit.

What items can I take into the cabin over hand baggage?

The passenger above the minimum of baggage are entitled to take to the cabin bag or men briefcase, or backpack, holdall, garment, baby food and a pram, a bouquet of flowers, medicines. Weight and dimensions of the backpack pronskogo in the salon over the limit for hand baggage is 5 kg, established by a carrier that is connected with safety of passengers on Board, reported the press service of the Ministry of transport.

Also in the list of things transported free of charge in excess of included crutches, canes, walkers, folding wheelchairs allow you to safely place them on the shelf above the seat or under the seat in front of you. If these subjects have no place in the cabin, they can be checked in without extra charges.

If I can do with hand baggage to carry into the cabin a laptop or camera?

Until October 2017, passengers could carry, for example, a laptop in hand in the cabin with hand Luggage. That is, the ticket buyers at the lowest rates actually had the opportunity to increase the Luggage weight by 2-3 kg (weight of laptop and battery charger to it).

Now, as explained Basereporter.com the Ministry of transport, camera, laptop, phone, umbrella and a book you can carry on Board, only removing the hand Luggage — a backpack or bag.

Will you have to pay for the opportunity to bring to the salon of purchase from the duty free?

No. In the order of the Ministry of transport States that the goods bought in duty free, you can free to carry on Board — in excess baggage. This means that for a package from the duty free shop in the boarding to pay extra is not necessary. But the weight and dimensions of the package with goods from Duty Free shops will be set by the airline itself .

Does the passenger weigh the hand Luggage at the request of the air carrier?

The order of the Ministry of transport provides such an opportunity. “For the purpose of monitoring compliance with the dimensions of hand Luggage and additional things” to weigh hand Luggage the airline officials might just before passenger boarding, according to the press service of the Ministry. This measure will allow to control the weight of hand Luggage of passengers using electronic check-in. Now they don’t always mark it at the front Desk.

Maria Selivanova

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