The secret will be revealed. What tax information will be published on?


The Federal tax service (FNS) August 1, 2018 will begin to publish part of the data which had previously been considered a tax secret.

What is the tax secret?

In accordance with article 102 of the Tax code as a tax secret includes any information about the taxpayer, except for information:

• which are publicly available. The taxpayer can agree to make public all or part of the data;

• about the INN;

• about the tax offences of the companies, the amounts of arrears and debts on penalties and fines;

• that the taxpayer provides to the authorities of other States in the framework of international agreements;

• the income and property of the candidate and his spouse, which provide to election commissions;

• state and municipal payments; • special tax regimes applied by the organisation, and participation in the consolidated group of taxpayers; • the average number of employees during the calendar year preceding the year of placement information; • the amount of paid taxes and insurance premiums; • on the amounts of expenses and income in the financial statements; • on statement on the account in tax bodies of foreign companies; • on statement on the account in tax bodies of individuals. Some of these data ceased to be a tax secret in may 2016.

Whose data will be published on?

FNS will publish data of economic partnerships and societies, i.e. commercial organizations.

The exception will be the strategic enterprises and organizations of the military-industrial complex. Also, FNS will publish the largest taxpayers. To them a company can take if its annual income amounted to 35 billion rubles.

That is, in the main innovations will affect small and medium-sized businesses.


What information will begin to publish on?

From 1 August the service will include disclosure of: • on the average number of employees of the organization during the calendar year preceding the year of the publication of information; • special tax regimesapplied by the organization; • organization’s participation in a consolidated group of taxpayers (when organizations unite for payment of the profit tax taking into account the financial result of the activities of all members of the group — approx. Initially, FNS planned to start placing these companies in the summer of 2017. But then the term was transferred first to 1 July 2018 and definitively on 1 August 2018. The Agency postponed the publication due to numerous requests of business to give time to reconcile data with tax authorities.

Continue on to disclose that the former tax secret?

Yes, the publication of data on will be done in phases until the end of 2018.

Later, the Agency will disclose information:

• the income and expenses of companies under the accounting reporting;

• the amount of paid taxes and insurance premiums;

• a tax offence organizations;

• on the amounts of arrears and debts on penalties and fines.

Information about the defense enterprises and state-owned companies, according to preliminary data, will be published no earlier than 2020.

The purpose of the publication data?

FNS expects that the publication of data of taxpayers in the “Transparent business” will help companies more effectively test the trustworthiness of their business partners.


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