Vedomosti: editorial staff of Forbes in Russia, requests the head office not to approve Zolotov, editor-in-chief


MOSCOW, July 31. / The Russian edition Forbes magazine sent a letter to the head office of the American Forbes Media with a request not to approve of Andrey Zolotov, chief editor of the publication. On Tuesday the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported the editorial staff.

“According to them, the editors of Forbes asks Media not to assert, as the chief editor of the Russian version of the magazine Andrei Zolotov,” – the newspaper notes.

The Russian version of Forbes published the media group ACMG Alexander Fedotov, under license from the American Media Forbes. In early June, ACMG announced that due to “dissatisfaction with the quality of work,” the editor leaves the editor of the publication Nikolai Uskov, the acting editor-in-chief was appointed Nikolay Mazurin. Uskov has linked his dismissal to “fighting the license holder Alexander Fedotov with the editors of Forbes”. According to him, it is about the independence of editorial standards, editorial policy, who constantly tried to kill the owner of the group ACMG.

Recently in mass media there was information on blocking of access by journalists to the editorial system of the newspaper, the press-service of the group ACMG explained the failure with power outage. It happened after the acting editor-in-chief Nikolai Mazurin appealed to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office due to the fact that on 25 July of the stamps were room Forbes in August, which was not published article “family matters” journalists Sergey Titov and Helen Berezansky about the owner of the group “Sum” Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother Magomed Magomedov, accused of creating a criminal Association and embezzlement.

Mazurin previously approved to print this material, despite the recommendations of the lawyers to finalize it. The lawyers believed that the publication could cause “with high probability, a series of lawsuits to protect honor, dignity and business reputation, inviolability of private life from a number of natural and legal persons referred to in article”, but during the day the journalists wrote an article on the Forbes website.

Shift leader

After that, ACMG announced that Mazurin ceases to perform the duties of the chief editor of Forbes Russia, it will be replaced by Andrei Zolotov, who previously held the post of chief editor of Forbes Life. As told in ACMG after the appointment Zolotova, this decision – “one of the steps towards the implementation of the development strategy of the media group ACMG and the portfolio of brands.” In the media group expressed the belief that gold will “remain committed to the most stringent standards for business journalism and the safety of editorial policy, but his appointment will give a start to the development of new global projects.”

According to “Vedomosti”, the editorial staff of Forbes in the letter indicated that Fedotov has already fired two editors who tried to prevent his interference in the Affairs of edition, Nikolai Uskov and Mazurina. “Zolotova, they added, no experience in business journalism: he worked only in glossy magazines and led them” – the newspaper notes.

The letter also noted that the Uskov and other editors have already informed the licensee of Fedotov attempts to influence the editorial independence of the journal. “The editors asked to investigate what is happening and not to say Zolotov,” report “Vedomosti”.

About the journal

Forbes – the American financial and economic magazine, is one of the most respected and well-known economic publications in the world. The Russian version of the magazine appeared in 2004. The Forbes magazine’s circulation is 100 000 copies. The currently published media group ACMG.

In Russia also published a quarterly Forbes Life and Forbes Woman. During the year, Forbes publishes 13 major business ratings, the most famous of which – “the 200 richest businessmen of Russia”.

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