Mail.Ru Group has discontinued the browser Amigo


Company Mail.Ru Group announced the termination of the development and promotion of browser Amigo.

With the promotion of browser was made a number of missteps, in particular, for these purposes, involved partners and ad networks, some of them were unfair, said the press service.

“For the distribution of browser, these partners used the grey scheme, which caused a negative attitude to the product”, – reported in the holding. In this regard Mail.Ru Group decided to abandon further development of the brand “Amigo”.

The company said that promising market niche browsers and do not rule out the possibility of continuing work in this direction.

End of support will not affect users of the existing versions of Amigo, said the press service.

About the company

Holding Mail.Ru Group belongs to the postal service, the leading Russian social network – “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, the largest portfolio of online games, the service MAPS.ME, instant messengers ICQ, Agent Mail.Ru and Tam Tam, and other services.

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