The Ministry of transport considers it inappropriate reconstruction of the Dzhubga – Sochi


MOSCOW, August 1. / The project of reconstruction of the highway between Dzhubga and Sochi, which could improve the accessibility of the resort town, is very complicated technically and estimated at no less than 1.6 trillion rubles. Its implementation is impractical, according to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, commenting on the information media about the possible emergence in Russia of most expensive roads.

Route A-147 (Dzhubga – Sochi to border with Abkhazia) – the only highway that connects Sochi to other regions of Russia. It is a two-way serpentine and constantly overloaded, especially in summer.

Earlier Wednesday, the newspaper “Vedomosti” wrote about the project of reconstruction of the highway between Dzhubga and Sochi to get the option value of 1.2 trillion rubles, which in the case of the implementation of the project would make the road the most expensive road in Russia.

“The Ministry of transport of Russia considers inexpedient realisation of the project at the present time”, – stated in the message of the Ministry. As explained in the Ministry of transport, to carry out the project extremely difficult technically. In addition, according to estimates of the Ministry of transport and Rosavtodor, is extremely capital-intensive project. “At current prices, its implementation is evaluated not less than 1.6 trillion rubles”, – according to the Ministry of transport.

As explained in the Ministry of transport to implement the project will require the withdrawal of some sections of the railway from the coast. “At the time of construction normal traffic along the coast would be seriously hampered, both road and rail. This will greatly complicate the work of the entire infrastructure one of the key resort regions of the country,” according to the Ministry.

The position of the region

As told on Wednesday by the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev, the construction of this very important road for the region was repeatedly raised at the Federal level. “Of course, this is an expensive project, but for our resort region it is vitally important that our coastal areas have long deserved such a route”, – said the Governor to reporters.

Earlier in April, Deputy head of the Federal road Agency Igor Astakhov said that the reconstruction of the highway A-147 may begin in 2019. The parameters of the reconstruction of the route has already been considered by the scientific and technical Council of Federal road Agency, at present there is study bypass Tuapse – complex area on the coast.

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