Roskoshestvo not revealed the excess of nitrates in watermelons


MOSCOW, August 1. / Roskoshestvo completed the first phase of inspection of watermelons, which has not recorded a single case of exceeding them the valid values for nitrates and found only one watermelon with pesticides. This is stated in the message of Roskoshestvo.

To conduct the study, the experts bought the watermelons at different points of sales: in the supermarket, the market, the stalls and cars. Watermelons tested on 174 indicators of quality and safety, including 148 indicators for the presence of pesticides.

“To check common consumers are of the opinion that all watermelons “pumped up” harmful substances, the experts conducted a review of nitrates in two of the best laboratories. The test results fully coincided: none of the watermelons the amount of nitrates does not exceed the permissible concentrations”, – stated in the message Roskoshestvo.

At the same time, experts note that there are types of watermelons, for which the probability is high amounts of nitrates cannot be ruled out completely. This so-called early irrigated the watermelons, which with July coming to the market of our country mainly from Central Asia. The nitrates in these watermelons tend to be concentrated in the crust. The pulp of the excess nitrate are detected in extremely rare cases, so for complete safety experts do not recommend that consumers eat the white part of the peel of watermelon.

Check for the presence of pesticides in watermelons showed that only one fruit bought from the fruit tray on the basis of the recorded traces of pesticide that protects the berries from insects. Other exceedances are not detected. Experts explain that, as a rule, the pulp of the pesticides do not reach: they either stay in cork or absorbed in it, and in order to fully protect yourself from harmful substances, the buyer should thoroughly wash the watermelon before its use.

During the professional tasting watermelon the experts had no comments to taste, color, smell and consistency of the berries. However, when checking for maturity of watermelons has revealed that none of the studied early watermelon has not reached the lowest level of maturity, which may be associated either with early varieties of watermelon, or nedozrelye. June the ripe watermelons were berries from the collapse and from the car, and the most immature – from the supermarket (9%).

When checking the appearance of watermelon experts have found that only one fruit purchased in the car, did not fit the proper appearance (cracks, defects of the bark and bruising).

Recommendations for choosing a watermelon

When selecting a watermelon, the experts suggest Roskoshestvo to knock on it. “The sound should be dull and not clear, but something average between them a hollow, resembling the vibration. Thud – a watermelon is overripe, too sonorous – the watermelon is not ripe,” say the experts.

They are also advised to find an earth spot on the watermelon, which should be bright yellow. “The brighter – the better. So, watermelon harvested in time” – say in Roccacasale, noting that ground spot should be only one.

According to experts, the watermelon should be dry, but not parched tail, and the fetus must be intact and free of damage of teeth and cracks.

Experts also recommend the use of home fashion watermelon check for maturity, releasing it in the “free swimming” in the tub. “Watermelon should not sink. If sinking means overripe. However, most likely, “rescue of drowning” is not necessary – sinking will be only too overripe watermelon,” – noted experts.

The second phase of the study Roskoshestvo (test late watermelons) will be held in August – similar to the first stage. Experts take different watermelons from different points of sale and compare them under laboratory conditions.

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