In Russia can create a train loukoster


MOSCOW, August 1. / “Federal passenger company” (FPC, “daughter” RZD) plans to temporarily allocate a separate brand trains without air-conditioning and bio-toilets. As reported in the published annual report of the company for year-end 2017, this will be done through a new division of long-distance trains by type depending on the distance.

“The planned transition to the new unified high quality grocery offer, comprising three types of trains: daily Express, a night train, a traditional train, which in turn require three classes of service: economy, comfort, business. Old cars without air conditioners and toilets until their complete divestiture is planned to allocate in a separate temporary brand “economy budget,” the report says. It will be extra low-cost way to travel without additional services, but with the possibility of sleep.

How to divide classes of service

“Daily Express” suggests a quick way to travel during the working day to six hours at a distance up to 600 kilometers. Business class in this segment means premium comfort and full service at hotel level for the productive use of travel time, comfort – sufficient set of services for a convenient trip day without the high cost, economy – budget and convenient way of moving with the possibility of access to additional services.

“Night train” will be offered to passengers for a comfortable trip with the possibility of full sleep. The journey time to 12 hours, target distances up to 1.2-1.5 thousand kilometers. Business class is SV and the luxury, comfort coupe, economy open wagons with high density layout.

“Traditional train” provides for a budget way of travel and tourism. The journey time is over 12 hours long distance. Business class is the premium, convenience and full service of hotel level of sleep for business or pleasure, the comfort is sufficient for a good sleep without the high costs, economy – budget and convenient way of moving with the possibility of access to additional services.

How many cars go to the scrap

The Park of passenger cars of JSC “FPC” as of July 1, 2017, totaled 19.3 thousand cars. More than 10,3 thousand cars of them are aged over 20 years, and the average age of the cars Park is 18.9 years. Until December 2020 from passenger car fleet of JSC FPC is planned exception on the service life of more than 5 thousand cars.

In this regard, the FPC had planned to upgrade 35% of the Park or about 7 million cars by 2025, relying on innovative rolling stock. In particular, by 2025 it is planned to purchase more than 1 thousand double-Decker carriages.

While buying a traditional second-class and compartment cars after 2020 FPC plans to completely stop, while in 2017, the FPC gained 329 of second-class carriages. In the new cars promise a spacious interior with a personal areas and high technical equipment. For example, uninterrupted access to the Internet, personalized climate control in the compartment, and environmentally friendly toilet systems.

FPC is a subsidiary of Russian Railways, which provides transport on long routes. The company has 15 regional branches. By the end of 2017 FPC transported 95.1 million passengers. On second-class cars in 2017 accounted for 63% of the transport companies.

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