The Governor of the Kaliningrad region stated the importance of regional cooperation in the development of IT


KALININGRAD, August 1. / Combining the efforts and resources of the regions is an important factor in the decision of tasks on development of the IT industry and digitalization of the economy. This was stated by the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov Wednesday at the first meeting of the Council for the development of the digital economy at the Federation Council, which takes place in the town of Gusev.

“In the Kaliningrad region…, I am sure that in other areas, too, is solved by a package of measures on work with IT-business, with the creation of new jobs. But I think it’s important now to concentrate on regional co – operation,” he said.

According to the Governor, “if Moscow can afford to order the interesting information system, let them lay in her open entrance, or the opportunity to share with these regions the information resource”. This, says the chief Executive officer, will enable the constituent entities of the Russian Federation “to save the state money, and to achieve the goals set out in the decree of the President of the country.”

The head of the Kaliningrad region believes that “by law, or may be, at the level of orders of the Ministry (Ministry digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation) should be secure, adaptable IT solution must be replicable and can be transferred to other regions”.

Also, according to Alikhanov, the regions should be actively involved at the earliest stages in the process of developing strategic documents in the digital economy.

“In the near future we will need to develop a number of normative documents in the field of digital economy, and the role of regions is very large here,” said the Governor, stressing that the process of preparation of the relevant strategic documents is one of the most important factors of successful digitization of the economy.

The head of the region noted that the Kaliningrad region has seriously advanced in the development of the subjects of the IT industry, and are willing to share experience. Only for the first half of 2018 in the region was 46 new SEZ residents, 13 of them – this is it-projects in the field of software development, information security and others.

“Investment here is small (for the IT industry from 1 January 2018 to obtain the status of resident of special economic zone the investment threshold is reduced from 150 million to 1 million rubles for three years), but new jobs, other people with other needs and other requests in the conditions of transformation of the economy of the region and the country”, – said the Governor.

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