Titov proposes to establish a minimum experience of 30 years for retirement


MOSCOW, August 2. /Basereporter.com/. Business Ombudsman Boris Titov proposes to replace a system in which a person becomes a pensioner upon reaching a certain age, a system in which the retirement will be implemented with the development of a particular experience. He reported about it to journalists.

“We propose to set the minimum length of service required to receive pension at 30 years for all professions and types of employment,” – said Titov.

Titov stressed that the term “minimum record” can only act within the framework of the solidarity pension system. “In any economy in the world jointly funded elements of the pension system are combined, the weighted average ratio by the volume of financial assets is 60% and 40%,” – he said.

While the cumulative pension system is designed for people earning good and in solidarity for all others, said Titov. “The logic of our proposals involves the following approach: “failed to save – use the limit of the joint system”. In Russia, by the way, the cumulative system volume is so small that it is not worth taking seriously,” he explained.

Redemption of the experience

The business Ombudsman drew attention to the problem today that 15-16 million people (according to Rosstat estimates) or 30 million (according to Titov) for various reasons are unable to prove their experience. “It is not only informal employment but also a radical change of the labour market. The representative of any liberal profession can make a million and live on it all year and then experience financial difficulties. Such people, on the one hand, can’t qualify for a good pension from the state, and on the other, being defaulters, are undermining the solidarity pension system. And we offer them the opportunity at any time to buy the missing experience” – he explained.

The median salary in the country, according to Rosstat, is about 27 thousand rubles, recalled Titov, and 22% of contributions – about 6 thousand roubles per month or 72 million per year. “The minimum length of service – 30 years for all without exception. For example, a person who has attained the age of 50-55 years, lacking 10 years of experience. He pays 720 thousand rubles – and can count on a life pension of 15 thousand rubles (at the start of the project, then it is indexed for inflation). 180 thousand a year”, – said business Ombudsman.

At the same time to redeem the experience at any time when cash is available, without waiting for the onset of the elderly, he said. “This system is designed for a variety of labor market, because it encompasses different forms of employment, different activities, different conditions of income”, – told about the benefits of this approach Titov.

Point system and FIU

Titov proposes to abolish the existing point system for calculating pensions. “She, unfortunately, means that you do not know how much you will pay in 30 years. Price points will be, which will appoint the government”, – he explained.

In addition, it is necessary to reform the Pension Fund, said business Ombudsman. “It is necessary to withdraw from the management of the Ministry of Finance, to make independent. And all major decisions (contribution rate options and the amount of investment) shall be determined by the Board of Directors on a parity basis and will consist of representatives of the state, trade unions and employers (represented by business associations – RSPP, Delovaya Rossiya, OPORA)”, – he stressed.

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