In Russia can allow loans secured by intellectual property


MOSCOW, August 2. / A working group with the Autonomous nonprofit organization (ANO) “Digital economy” supported the initiative of Federation of intellectual property for the development of Russia’s draft law to regulate loans secured by intellectual property. This was announced on Thursday the press service of the Federation.

“At the meeting of the working group on the legal regulation was supported by the proposals of the bill removing restrictions upon loans secured by intellectual property,” – said Vice President, science and innovation Federation of intellectual property Sergey Matveev. He noted that the legislative initiative has also been made in the development plan in the framework of the “Digital economy”, which must be approved by the government of the Russian Federation.

The program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”, approved in the summer of 2017, is calculated till 2024, inclusive, and consists of five areas. They are dedicated regulatory, education and human resources, cyber security, formation of research competences and it infrastructure.

“After approval of the plan by the government of the Russian Federation the draft document will submit for consideration to the working group and then to the Federal bodies of Executive power”,- said the Director of “regulation” ANO “Digital economy” Dmitry Ter-Stepanov.

He noted that the need for making such changes in the legislation is that intellectual property is now not included in the list of objects which banks can accept as collateral to reduce the reserve to cover the risks when granting credit.

Industry transparency

According to the Vice-President for research and innovation Federation of intellectual property of Sergey Matveev, the possibility of loans secured by existing patents necessary for many companies.

“It is those who carry out the production of new, high-tech products, or, for example, a music Studio, which can use as collateral the rights to popular music, generating a significant profit,” he said.

Matveev also said that the transparency of the industry of intellectual property and rights to it will reduce the risks for the state fiscal system. In particular, the implemented technology distribution registers IPChain opens market participants access to information about pledges, legal disputes, limitations of rights, information about dopechatnykh and patent stages of the object.

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