The Central Bank revoked the license of the Bank “New time”


MOSCOW, August 3. / The Bank of Russia has revoked as of August 3, 2018 the license for banking operations of the Moscow commercial Bank “New time”, says the message of the regulator.

As noted in the materials of the Central Bank, the Bank’s license revoked in connection with the decision of the owners of the credit organization on its voluntary liquidation.

The Central Bank also added that, based on the databank, the credit organisation has sufficient property for satisfaction of claims of creditors.

The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has informed that the payment of insurance compensation to depositors will start no later than August 17, 2018.

For operational reception of statements of citizens and the fastest payments of compensation on deposits DIA intends to use the agent banks that will be selected on a competitive basis no later than 9 August.

The insurance indemnity is paid in the amount of 100% of the sum of all his accounts (deposits) in the Bank, including open for business, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in total. Bank Deposit (account) in foreign currency, the insurance indemnity is calculated in rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia on the day of revocation of the license to 3 August 2018, reminiscent of DIA.

The Bank “New time” is the participant of system of insurance of contributions. Revocation of license for Bank operations is the insured event provided for by the law “On insurance of deposits of individuals in banks of the Russian Federation” in respect of the Bank’s liabilities on household deposits identified in accordance with legislation, stated in the message controller.

Commercial Bank of “New time” founded at the end of 2008, is the participant of system of insurance of contributions. The main area of work was the maintenance and lending to corporate clients. As of July 1, the Bank “New time” took the 429-th place in the Russian banking system by total assets.


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