FIU: about 80% of dorodnikov continue to work after reaching retirement age


MOSCOW, August 3. / The vast majority of teachers, medical and creative workers of today who retire early to continue his career in the first years after reaching retirement age, said on Friday, the press service of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

“The largest number of working pensioners is the category of workers entitled to early retirement benefits (educational, medical and creative workers). It is worth noting that in the first years after reaching retirement age 80% of people employed in these areas remain to work,” the Fund reported.

The FIU said that on April 1, 2018 in Russia lived 43.6 million seniors, not counting the military and security forces, and about 30% of them continue to operate. “It is worth noting that the first three to five years after a pension, the figure is even higher – 50%, that is continue to work half of the number of people who have reached retirement age,” added in the Pension Fund.

Changes for special categories

A bill to raise the retirement age will also affect the privileged categories of citizens who have the right of early retirement. As for medical, educational and creative workers, the experience to exit to privileged pension to these categories of workers is maintained. Today it is 15 to 30 years depending on the category. However, the possibility of receiving early retirement will be delayed in steps of eight years.

For example, workers in these fields, acquiring the right to early retirement in 2019, will be able to begin receiving payments in 2020, acquiring the right to early retirement in 2020, can start to receive payments in 2022, and so step by step the transition period will last until 2026. Then there are those who in 2026 will have the right to early retirement will begin to receive payments in 2034, eight years later.

Also changes for people who retire early in connection with the work in the far North and equivalent areas. Women will retire at 58 years old (now 50) and men at 60 (now 55).

One will not affect the increase in the retirement age

Raising the retirement age does not affect current retirees, approximately 46.5 million recipients of pensions (Pension Fund of Russia, and law enforcement agencies). They, as before, will obtain all required retirement and social benefits in accordance with the acquired pension rights and benefits.

Also, the bill will not apply to women who gave birth to and raised five more children, one parent or guardian of a disabled child from childhood, women who work in the textile industry, works with high intensity and severity, “Chernobyl”, some categories of persons with disabilities.

Not affected by raising the retirement age of people working in hazardous industries, is all that is connected with underground work, in hot shops, of railway and subway workers ‘ air transport, the penal system, public transportation drivers, rescue workers, employees of power structures and victims of radiation exposure.

Also assume no increase in the retirement age for those involved in expeditions, field exploration, prospecting, geodetic, geophysical, hydrographic, hydrological, forest inventory and survey work. Will not increase the age of retirement for employees who are involved in the seafarers on the ships of sea, river fleet and the fleet of the fishing industry, with the exception of vessels permanently employed in the port and on the production, processing of fish and seafood, receiving the finished product in the field.

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