Medvedev: strengthening control in the sphere of inspection will allow to struggle with design fakes


GORKI, 3 August. / The strengthening of control and responsibility in the field of inspection (MOT) will allow vehicles to deal with making a false diagnostic card. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting dealing with the relevant draft amendments. “Prepared a package of bills that will help fight the results of the so-called “gray” diagnostic maps the state of the car: in fact, they are not “gray”, of course, it’s just fake – they often give companies that do nothing at all and nothing like visiting,” – said Medvedev. According to him, such violations increases the risk to all road users – drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

The Prime Minister stressed that to stop this practice it is proposed to amend the provisions of the law on inspection, and to amend the administrative code and criminal code.

Gain control

Earlier, the Russian government reported that the amendments assume, in particular, the introduction of photo and video inspection that will “reliably establish the fact of carrying out” this procedure.

Also defines requirements for the production and technical basis of inspection points and their capacity, which will be calculated by a special technique. Also provides for state control over observance by operators THAT established requirements to its implementation.

The amendments also provide for the possibility of registration of a diagnostic card in the form of an electronic document and its signature qualified electronic signature of the technical expert, who conducted the diagnosis.

Increased responsibility

For inspection by the operators, not having the appropriate accreditation, will be subject to criminal responsibility. “The introduction of this measure due to the wide practice of selling “gray” diagnostic cards without inspection of car”, – explained in the Cabinet.

The amendments also aim at strengthening the administrative responsibility in this sphere. In particular, the possibility of disqualification of technical experts; moreover, they shall be responsible for the design of diagnostic card for transport in respect of which the inspection in fact not carried out or if the inspection reveals its incompliance with the mandatory safety requirements.

It is also expected to increase the fine for driving a vehicle that was not decorated diagnostic card. In addition, will be introduced administrative liability for violation of the order of conducting the register of operators of technical inspection and technical diagnostics of vehicles is not a duly authorized person.

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