Putin signed the law on “Russian offshore”


MOSCOW, August 3. /Basereporter.com/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on creation on island Russian (Primorsky Krai) and the island of October (Kaliningrad oblast) zones with preferential conditions for foreign companies.

Documents published on the official portal of legal information.

The authors of the initiative made by the deputies and senators from Primorye and Kaliningrad region. We are talking about the appearance on the Islands of the so-called special administrative regions. In the explanatory material to the document, it was stated that the law provides “a more flexible legal regime, such as tax and currency regulation”.

So, an international company registered in sparring, can become a foreign legal entity, and their office or other facilities should be located on the Islands, and Russian structures operating in the status of the company, public or non-public joint-stock companies.

Credit and non-credit financial institutions and operators of payment systems under the act be subject to can not. The remaining firms will receive a special status together with the registration in the register, if they take the official obligation to implement investment on the territory of the Russian Federation. The minimum volume is 50 million rubles for six months from the date of registration.

Application it should be sent to the management company – this structure will create themselves the subjects of the Russian Federation, the authorities which will monitor the activities of the company. The very management company will be responsible for ensuring operation of the special administrative regions. She has the right to deny the applicant.

Special tax regime

Signed one of the laws establishes a special tax regime for international companies – residents of petrianov. Taxing these companies will occur at the following rates: 0% on income generated by the company in the form of dividends, provided that on the date of the decision on their payment it owns for a year and not less than 15% contribution in the Charter capital of paying dividends organization or Deposit receipts entitling to receive dividends. Tax of 5% levied on income received by foreign persons on the shares of international holding companies that on the date dividend payments are public companies.

Amendments to the code of trade Navigator

The package of laws provides for amendments to the merchant shipping Code of the Russian Federation – changes in the Russian open registry vessels. It is assumed that the registry will register ships (excluding fishing vessels) belonging on the property right to foreign citizens and foreign legal entities.

This list may include “sports, sailing, pleasure craft and small vessels are used in commercial and non-commercial activities”. Sea-going vessels registered in the open registry, is entitled to sail under the state flag of the Russian Federation.

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