Putin signed the law on the new procedure for calculating tax on property of physical persons


MOSCOW, August 4. /Basereporter.com/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that provides for a new procedure for calculating tax on property of physical persons, which will reduce the increased in recent years, payments of citizens. The corresponding document was published on Friday on the official portal of legal information.

Currently, when calculating the tax acts multiplying factor, allowing for the gradual increase in the amount of tax calculated on the cadastral value, compared to the tax calculated on the inventory value. The magnitude of the coefficient in the first five years of application of the cadastral value annually increases by 20% (from 0.2 to 1).

“The use of such a procedure for calculating the tax on property of physical persons has led to a significant increase in the tax burden on citizens, especially because of the sharp growth of cadastral cost of objects of real estate”, – stated in the explanatory note to the document. In this regard, the law provides for the rejection of the use of the above ratio, since the calculation of the tax for the fourth tax period applying to the cadastral value (factor of 0.8).

At the same time the law introduces a new factor limiting the annual increase in the amount of the tax to property of physical persons according to the cadastral value of 10% for entities on the territory of which the tax is calculated with a factor of 0.6.

The first such factor will be applied in 2018 in the calculation of tax for 2017 to 28 regions of Russia, where the tax on the cadastral value valid from 2015.

In 36 subjects, in which the tax for the year 2017 is calculated with a factor of 0.2 or 0.4, the calculation in 2018 will not change the text of the law.

Compensation regions

According to FTS Russia, changing the order of calculation of tax on property of physical persons can lead to a shortfall in 2018 in the regional budget about 6 billion roubles. For 28 regions with falling incomes must provide for their payment, said the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov.

The law also provides for proportional (depending on the number of months in the tax period) of the definition of the tax base for tax on assets of organizations and tax on property of physical persons in case of changes in the qualitative or quantitative characteristics of objects of real estate within the tax period.

The document excludes a recalculation of the amounts of land tax and tax on property of physical persons paid by the citizens of the earlier upward (currently such a conversion is possible over three years).

If the tax is calculated on the erroneous cadastral value, which were subsequently challenged, it is proposed to apply the changed cadastral value not year of submission of the application on the dispute, as is happening now, and with the application dates incorrect value.

Tax benefits and deductions

The law also extends tax credits for children with disabilities and clarifies the status of such real estate, as houses, apartments, rooms, garages and Parking spaces for the use against them of the tax benefits on tax on property of physical persons (tax deduction and preferential rates).

Because the amendments are aimed at improving the situation of the payers of the land tax and tax on property of physical persons, the law gives the retroactive force from 2015 in respect of tax benefits for children with disabilities, 2017 in respect of taxation of the “parts houses”, “apartments”, as well as garages and Parking spaces, located in real estate commercial, office and household purposes, included in the list of subjects of the Russian Federation.

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