The program of refinancing mortgages for real estate investors Urban Group starts August 6


MOSCOW, August 3. / Unified development Institute in the housing sector the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation and the Bank “Russian capital” will begin accepting applications for refinancing of mortgages from investors troubled Urban Group on August 6, 2018. Rates start at 8.75% per annum, will also be available for refinancing under the state program family mortgage at 6%, the report said HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation.

“HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation and the Bank “Russian capital” (100% of shares belongs to the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation) from 6 August to begin accepting applications for refinancing of mortgage loans from real estate investors Urban Group. To qualify, the borrower must be included in the register of requirements of premises Urban Group”, – stated in the message.

Lowering mortgage rates through the refinancing of loans taken to reduce the financial burden on the equity holders ‘ problem of the developer, while they wait for restoration of their rights, earlier told reporters the General Director of the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation and the head of Fund of protection of the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction Alexander Plutnik.

A number of investors took out mortgages on apartments in new buildings of the company a few years ago when rates were higher than now, he explained. Weighted average mortgage rate for the first half of 2018 made up 9.62% (a decrease of 1.88 percentage points over the same period of 2017), previously reported

Lower rates

For real estate investors launch a special program of refinancing “mortgage on objects of the “Urban Group”, explained in a statement. Rates for the program start from 8.75% per annum and depend on the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the collateral, that is, unfinished apartment. In addition, borrowers who on or after 1 January 2018 born second and (or) the subsequent children, will be available refinancing program “Family mortgage” at a reduced rate of 6% per annum.

The programme covers all the houses in six residential complexes Builder: LCD “Solar system,” LCD “a Prominent town” LCD “Opelika O3” LCD “Mitino O2”, “kid” and “Leaberry”.

The application for refinancing can be submitted via the HOUSE website.Russia and the centres of reception of documents of participants of shared construction of objects in Moscow region.

As previously reported, in Moscow has opened three centers of reception of documents of Urban Group real estate investors. The ninth of July the Arbitration court of Moscow region declared bankrupt five form the group of legal entities and introduced bankruptcy proceedings for one year. In the framework of bankruptcy proceedings, the construction of Urban Group will be resumed. To ensure the rights of shareholders, the government has decided to attract funds from Federal and regional budgets and Fund of protection of the rights of citizens.

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